Homemade Almond Milk
  • 1 cup of raw, organic almonds
  • 2 cups of water, plus a little more for soaking the almonds
  • Honey or Stevia to sweeten

  • You will also need:

  • Strainer
  • Bowls
  • Measuring cup
  • Blender or food processor
  • Cheese cloth
  1. Place the almonds in a bowl and cover them with about an inch of water. You will need to soak them overnight. They will begin to grow plump as they absorb the water. You can leave them on the counter covered with a cloth. However, the longer you let the almonds soak, the creamier the milk will be.
  2. Drain the almonds from the water and rinse them under cool running water. The almonds should feel squishy if you pinch them.
  3. Place the almonds in a blender with 2 cups of water. Blend on the highest speed setting for 2 minutes. You might need to pulse the blends a few times so that you can break up the almonds. Blend the almonds until they are broken down into a fine meal and the water is white and opaque.
  4. Line the strainer with the cheesecloth and place over a measuring cup. Slowly pour the mixture into the strainer.
  5. Gather the cheesecloth around the meal, close and twist. Squeeze and press with your hands to remove any remaining milk from the meal.
  6. Taste the almond milk to see if you need to add sweetener. If needed, add honey or Stevia to your liking.
Recipe by fitlife.tv at https://fitlife.tv/benefits-of-drinking-almond-milk-you-probably-didnt-know-original/nutrition/