90 Day Challenge WINNERS May 2015

Subject: Drumroll please… announcing our 90 Day Challenge WINNERS!!!

I mentioned last week that we had some amazing challenge participants in our recent 90-Day Transformation Challenge. Our entire team was blown away by the results – not just physically, but entire lifestyles were completely upgraded!

Looking through all of the pictures and reading the stories was such a great reminder of WHY we do this work – it’s because of all of you and your determination to learn, grow and evolve; thank you for that. It’s awesome what can happen when you allow yourself permission to “let go” and step into the unknown, which I know can be really scary.

But THAT is where CHANGE occurs, my friend… and THAT alone makes it all worth it. 🙂

Everyone who jumped on board for this challenge did such a great job and aside from their own personal transformations, they provided something else, something so powerful – they provided inspiration – to our community and our Fitlife team!

So again, nice work to all of you. You are all WINNERS in our book! 🙂

Now, without further adew…

After having our community of cool peeps vote, 1  man and 1 woman were selected and now we want to allow them to tell their stories. Why did they decide to do this? How was the process? What did they learn?

Well, they’ve agreed to tell you all of that…

Please put your hands together for our runner-up, Brenda Varela and our grand-prize winner, Gerardus De Loos!!!!!

They absolutely KILLED it and we are so proud of them!!! 🙂 Way to go, you two! THIS is just the beginning to something so much bigger and I am excited to see your continued progress and transformation unfold.

New Picture

Runner-Up, Brenda Varela

Proud winner of $1,000 cash and a 1 year supply of Organifi Green Juice!

New Picture (1)Brenda’s Stats

Starting weight: 170

Current weight: 148

Inches lost: 10

Before coming to Fitlife, I hated the place I was at in my life and my body. I felt sluggish, had brain fog and my emotions were like a roller coaster. I had tried several other programs and had some success, but none of those programs ever helped me make lasting change or understand why I struggled with food, so the weight would always come back.

I had watched my friend (and now my coach), Lynne Martin transform before my eyes and I knew that if she could do it, I could do it! This came at just the right time because I was truly ready for change. So I made the decision and took action by signing up for the 90 Challenge and Small Group Coaching Program. I was a little concerned about how it would work with my busy travel schedule, but I was determined and my coach worked with me to customize my plan based on my current lifestyle.

I discovered along the way that Fitlife is NOT just about losing weight. I love the mindset training, which taught me it was time to be transparent and real with myself. I was not happy about the way I looked or felt and it affected everything about my life, but I learned to celebrate small success’ along the way and get back to loving me. This was such a gift.

During the journey, I discovered what some of my emotional eating pitfalls were and identified my self-sabotage triggers. Turns out,  I was my own worst enemy! Go figure! I may still occasionally have times where I want to turn to food for comfort, but now I make much better choices. Once I detoxified, I really didn’t crave junk food. I felt stronger, lighter and more at peace with myself.

Fitlife took me on a physical and emotional journey and led me to some really hard places that I was able to finally overcome. I want to share this with everyone I know, because I know what it can do for them. If anyone is considering a real transformation, I want to tell them that the amount of support you get is amazing. You are NEVER ALONE on this journey, which makes the entire process less scary, keeping you motivated to keep going, no matter what.

The healthy recipes for both the juice and foods are so delicious and are now part of my everyday life. I am a work in progress and will continue to reach for my goals. I’ve realized that I am worth the effort to step into my best self and my best life and it started with the decision to try something new. I will forever be grateful for this new lifestyle and the tools – and friends – I have gained in the process.  

Grand-prize winner, Gerardus De Loos

Proud winner of $1,000 cash and a 1 year supply of Organifi Green Juice AND an Infrared Sauna from Sunlighten!

New Picture (2)

Gerardus’ Stats

Starting weight: 357 lbs

Current weight: 279 lbs

Starting sizes: shirts from 4XL to XL and pants from 56 to 42

Body fat: (starting) 57 and (current) 41

Before beginning the 90-Day Challenge, I was feeling sick and depressed and my weight was affecting my entire life. I was constantly blaming these things on my health condition (Craniopharyngioma). Since the day I was diagnosed, I started to gain more and more weight. But it wasn’t until  I was at a friends house one day when he pulled out a blood sugar monitor and told me that he wanted to test my blood sugar that I realized I had a much bigger problem. The result was terrifying at 235! I asked him, “is that high?” His answer was, “YES dude, you need help.”

That was the day that I said to myself, “You are playing with your life. Is this what you really want?” I was finding excuses all the time because of my health condition. Since I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma, I lost hope for a healthy life and gave up. That was also the day that I made the decision that something had to change and it was up to me to make that happen.

Before the challenge, I started every morning with the same habit: open a diet soda, then another diet soda… during the course of an average day, I would have 12 to 16 diet sodas! I was living in Costa Rica and had access to healthy food everyday, yet I didn’t take advantage of it. I definitely took this luxury for granted, but am so thankful that I now know better.

Everyone was worried about me; my friends, coworkers and family we’re always looking out for me, but I wasn’t ready to change. I was never able to maintain relationships with those that I loved because I was always too lazy and lacked energy to do things with them.

Thankfully, my mom and sister never gave up and were always doing what they could to help me out. My sister would always search for things that would benefit me, but I was never dedicated to it. My mom is the best chef and my sister the best coach. I had the best tools and guidance anyone can ask for – but I was still resistant. My sister told my mom what to cook every day for me, but I was always cheating with soda’s, candies and unhealthy food.

I was a self-sabotaging machine!

Today, I feel thankful for God, my family, friends and coworkers that never gave up on me. I now have a great relationship with a woman that I love. I now have the energy to do fun things and be active. My mind is more clear and I am able to pay attention and actually retain information. I am now eager to share all that I have learned with others that are struggling with weight loss and those that are willing to upgrade their bad habits.

Through the process, I learned that there are no excuses and it’s never too late. You don’t need to wait for heart attack or stroke to realize that you need to make a positive change. Everything that you need is already within you. You have the power to say “stop” or “no” and turn your life around. Mother Nature is so powerful  and provides the things we need to live our best life.

Now, I start my mornings with lemon water and baking soda and I go out for a 30 min walk. I get home and take a cold shower to stimulate my lymphatic system. Then I really get the party started with a nice glass of Organifi Green Juice, followed by a Ginger or Mint Tea. I also make myself some cold pressed juice to enjoy during the day.

I encourage anyone reading this to believe in yourself – it’s up to you to decide to make a change and you’re worth the effort! Trust yourself and allow Mother Nature to work with and for you. Follow a program that focuses on a lifestyle transformation, instead of a “diet” and commit to being active in the process. You are not going to die from eating or drinking healthy, natural food. Let your body heal from the inside out, using the power of nature.

I am committed to staying healthy and am grateful to be surrounded by motivating people here in Costa Rica. I have a group of friends that are interested in weight loss, which keeps me very focused on setting a good example and further reaching towards my goals. I love reading all of the great information and watching videos from Drew Canole and Fitlifetv, which have truly been life-changing.

If I could sit down with my old self now, I would remind myself that there is a time for everything and God knows when it will be. Now is my time to switch things around in order to be healthy and more spiritual.

This journey has positively impacted my confidence quite a bit. Now I can visit the shopping mall and get nice clothing. I used to visit the mall and hang out in the food court while my family was doing their shopping. My relationships have improved a lot as well and I genuinely enjoy my time and experiences with others.

This process has also impacted my family. Everyone is happy and proud of what I have accomplished. I have a ton of energy and no longer fall asleep while watching a movie. My mood is great and my sleep is sound. It’s so nice to have a clear mind and actually be able to remember things. PLUS… my cholesterol levels are down and sugar levels are now at 105.

My favorite part about this process has been realizing that Nature really does provide all that we need to heal ourselves. Now that I have the tools and have experienced what it feels like to be healthy and happy, I can’t imagine going back to the way things were.

I have my life back and I am so grateful.

Favorite quote: We’re In This Together! #WITT

I told you these peeps were awesome! 🙂

And I have something exciting for you too because I want EVERYONE to be happy and healthy and I am committed to making this possible for you.

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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