9 Ways To Create A Quality Sleep-Supportive Space



By Kavata Kithome

Here is a little secret about me: I love to sleep, it is one of my favorite things to do. Aside from the obvious reason of it being a basic human need, I love sleep because it is where I get to dream, create and be myself, free from anything negative that may happen.  

You already know that lack of sleep affects your overall health with negative consequences. Inadequate sleep is linked to conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity and depression. Poor or no sleep is associated with increased risk of injury, serious car crashes and human error resulting in tragic accidents.

Obtaining enough quality sleep that is synced with your body’s natural internal clock is vital for your mental and physical health. I believe to have good quality sleep, you have to create a sleep space supportive of this.

Creating a sleeping space that supports quality rest can bring out quality sleep that has positive effects on your mood, physical health and mental well-being. Today, I have 9 ways to help you create a quality sleep-supportive space:

1. Make Your Bedroom Dark And Quiet

My family and friends call me a vampire, this is because my house as a whole is dark and quiet. My bedroom is the darkest space in my home, where I use dim light and salt lamps. It’s a very ambient space where I instantly feel relaxed. I keep my room very quiet most of the time or use soothing relaxing music.

Consider black curtains on your windows. You can even wear an eye mask to block all light. Turn away your digital clock and for good measure, add a “white noise” sleep sound machine to mask disruptive outside noises.

2. Declutter Your Sleep Space

Admittedly I am not the best at this one, but clutter tends to clutter the mind. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your sleep space as clutter-free as possible. The goal here is to limit your sleep space associations and functions, not expand them.

3. Use Colors To Separate Your Sleep Space From The Rest Of Your Home

The idea here is to separate your sleep space from the rest of your home. Try some soothing tranquil colors to reinforce the idea of rest. In a study conducted by Travellodge, a muted blue is considered the most soothing color for a restful sleep.

4. Invest In A Comfortable Bed

I cannot stress this enough – because you spend about ⅓ of your life sleeping, a high-quality, comfortable bed and pillows are a great investment for your overall health. Also choose some nice bed sheets and covers that you find peaceful and calming.

Tip: keep it simple, keep your bed sheets, covers and pillows to a minimum so that you don’t have to push them out of the way to get comfortable when trying to sleep.

5. Keep Your Pets Off Your Bed

This may be hard for some, but your pets are best out of the bed; this is so that you can move comfortably without being concerned that you may disturb them. You want to prioritize your own comfort during sleep. They can sleep in the same room, but not in the bed with you.

For those who have human bed partners who are disruptive, using the old 2-bed style or one of those sleep number beds with dual control may be a great way to go.

6. Make Your Bed Daily

This was one of my mother’s cardinal rules in her house. We all had to make up our beds every day, no exceptions. It is important to make up your bed so that you can easily draw the covers at bedtime.

This ritual helps your mind and body associate the bed with sleep and sex. For me I added further rules that have worked wonders, like no eating, watching TV or working in bed, these activities are for wakefulness, not sleep.

7. Use Red Bulbs To Minimize Sleep Disruptions

If you are like me and wake up in the middle of the night to pee, do not use the overhead lights. This will send a “wake up” signal to your internal clock. Using red bulbs can be a better solution to seeing your way to the bathroom. Red light is invisible to your internal clock and won’t wake you up like white light would.

8. Keep Your Bedroom Temperature Low

Did you know that we achieve more deep delta sleep in a cool sleeping environment? Your body temperature has a 24-hour cycle that parallels the activity-rest cycle.

Your body temp rises and peaks during the waking day to produce heat in support of activity and falls during evening hours to lose heat in preparation for sleep. Sleeping in the nude with the covers may be a good option if you don’t want to crank up your electricity bill in the summer months.

9. Leave Your Sleeping Space If You Can’t Sleep

If you are having trouble falling and staying asleep, get up and leave your bedroom to meditate or read in another room until you are sleepy and then return to the bedroom. This way your brain won’t associate your bed with restlessness.

By making one or more of these adjustment, you can increase your quality of sleep, which provides you with the gifts of a better mood, physical health and mental focus. Basically, you receive the gift of being the most awesome and amazing rested version of you, which allows you live a full and vibrant life.

Do you have any other adjustments not mentioned above that have worked well for you? Share with us in the comments below.

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Kavata Kithome
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Kavata Kithome

Health Advocate at One More Step
Kavata Kithome is an advocate for living your best life, full of health and longevity. While working closely with gym owners and personal trainers, she was able to sculpt a well-rounded view of fitness and understands how to incorporate it with a healthy balanced diet. She is a regular contributor to the One More Step Lifestyle brand.
Kavata Kithome
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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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