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Today I want to talk to you about one of the most important battles you will ever go through in your whole life.

I’m going to challenge you to take on this battle head on, starting right now.

Not only will it be the hardest battle you will ever fight for yourself, it will be the most important. Not just for you, but for everyone else around you too.

This one battle has the potential, whether won or lost, to set you on a drastically different course for the rest of your life.

The Challenge…

What if you decided to fully accept yourself? In all of your perfectly imperfect glory.

What if right now, you walked up to the mirror, gazed deeply into your own eyes and told yourself:

I love and accept you completely, just as you are, without conditions.

… and what if you said this so many times that eventually, you started to truly believe it?

I want you to take a moment and think about this. Even if you only intended to skim through this article quickly, stop for a moment and just take a breath.

Consider it.

Imagine the person you would be if you believed in yourself. Not only that, but loved yourself deeply. Cared about who you are at your core, the deepest level of your being and lived in a way that honored and respected that.

Would anything in your life change?

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To completely love and accept yourself would mean you embrace your whole being without reservation and without setting terms.

Complete and total acceptance. No conditions attached.

This is a rare trait to find in anyone these days. But I would be willing to bet that the people you look up to most and want to be like… they’ve probably fought the battle of self-acceptance and won.

To completely love yourself would mean to deeply care about who you are with no restrictions, no doubts and no self limiting beliefs. Is it really possible?

In a world where we have to much to live up to, so many big dreams, so many people to compete against… is it really possible to let that all go and just embrace our own individual souls?

I am here to tell you that I KNOW it is, because I have done it myself. And ever since I started winning this battle, my world has changed for the better.

If you, too, decide to start winning this battle, it will radically transform your life.

It’s time for you to:

  • See yourself differently

  • Treat yourself differently

  • Talk to yourself kindly

  • Embrace your imperfections like you would a child’s

  • Feel more love and acceptance towards yourself and others

  • … and see your world start to change.  

The Beginning Of Self-Acceptance

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Many psychologists believe that our level of self-acceptance directly correlates with how we were accepted by our parents and other authority figures.

Children look to their parents to provide acceptance before they begin to start forming opinions about themselves.

If the message they receive is positive, they’re more likely to grow up accepting themselves versus children who grow up being told that they’re not “good enough.”

Even if you weren’t raised in a loving home, your feeling of self-worth isn’t set in stone. Once you recognize that you may have a hard time loving yourself because of the vibe you got from your parents, you can take steps to heal and let go of those old beliefs and make room for new ones.

It Is Time For You To Understand…

Your existence on this planet is not by accident.

You are here for a purpose.

You are here to make a difference in the lives of others.

You are here to radiate love and light the path of hope, courage and possibility for others.

It’s time for you to release those old, stagnant beliefs and recognize that YOU are a child of God, The Universe, The Divine – whatever you choose to believe in.

To change your perception, you have got to decide that you’re worth it – and you are!

Here are a few easy steps to get you started.

#1 Begin every single day by looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you and I accept you completely.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.04.51 PM

Feel what it feels like to be in love with yourself!

The things we say to ourselves have a lot of power in molding our beliefs and self-set limitations (or lack of). Starting off your day by sincerely and earnestly expressing your own love and acceptance of yourself can go a long way in changing the way you see yourself as a human being.

A good way to start doing this is, when you look in the mirror, envision someone you really care about. Look into their eyes and feel what it feels like to care about them deeply. Over time, this will begin to shift as you continue seeing yourself in the mirror and you can become to understand what it feels like to love YOURSELF in the same way.

#2 Eliminate negative self-talk

Analyze what you’re saying about yourself. Really LISTEN to what you are saying in your head. Your thoughts have the power to build you up, empower you and sustain you. They also have the power to slowly destroy your confidence and feeling of self-worth.  

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough – smart enough – attractive enough.

These are LIES, built on the false beliefs of others hurting… possibly the way that YOU are hurting now.

Eliminate anything that isn’t serving your highest good. Some of you may have to do a LOT of work with how you think. Some of you may only have to change a few things.

Remember, the thoughts we think over and over again build neural pathways in our brain. The more you think something, the more likely you are to think it again. It’s like creating a physical pathway in the woods. The more you walk down in, the more likely it is you will walk down it next time because you’ve already created a trail.

When you start thinking new, empowering thoughts about yourself, it may be like walking through overgrowth at first and will not be easy. But the more you think these things, the easier it will become until finally your negative thought pathways begin to be overgrown with weeds and your positive ones will be clear and easy to stroll down.  

Develop a relationship with yourself full of love, kindness and positive talk.

But don’t just speak it.

Feel it.

Believe it.

#3 Forgive yourself

I don’t know anything about your past. I don’t know what have happened that is causing you to carry around this burden of guilt day to day.

I DO know that guilt is one of the lowest frequencies on a vibrational scale that a human being can carry around in their life.

It causes depression, disease, an imbalance in relationships and creates a monster that is hard to beat when you are trying to learn to love yourself.  

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.00 PM

To get rid of this monster, you have to FORGIVE YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. You have to learn to let go so that you can be fully here in the now. The past doesn’t exist anymore. All you’ve got is right now.

Forgive them.

Forgive yourself.

Accept your imperfections. They make you who you are. You are perfectly imperfect. We all are.

My friend, I love you.

You are incredible.

You are beautiful and powerful and magnificent.

Stop setting limitations on how you feel about yourself.


It may be the hardest battle you ever fight.

It is also the most important.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.51 PM

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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