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Written by: Lindsay Sibson

I think it goes without saying that NAPS are awesome and sleep is uber important to your health and wellness.

I personally feel that a quick little nappy nap can do magical things in regards to how you feel, how you can focus and your productivity.

Don’t tell my former employer, but I used to sneak in quick fifteen minute naps in my car when I would go make a deposit at the bank for the school (I was a Director of a school and was lucky if I ever, ever, EVER got a lunch break). Most of the time, I didn’t know when my workday was going to end, so I consider these secretive naps a necessary survival skill. After these power naps, I felt energized and ready to take on my afternoons (which were often hectic and crazy dealing with the teachers, children and parents).

Sleeping and napping are still somewhat mysterious subjects in the scientific world. How much sleep is optimal? What position is best to sleep in? A quick browse on the internet and it is evident that the answers to questions about sleep are a great debate.

Research shows that 85% of mammals sleep more than once a day. And, considering humans are mammals, scientists aren’t completely sure what category we fall into: monophasic (sleep once a day) OR polyphasic (sleep more than once a day).

One glance around modern society and it’s very clear that people are sleep deprived. We live in a society where the norm is to wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, enjoy some time with loved ones and then sleep at night. Our days are busy and don’t allow us an ample break to take a rest. Is it a matter of social influences that have adjusted our sleep cycles?

If you take a look at historical research, there is evidence that our ancestors slept in two different time blocks… suggesting that “naps” were a daily part of previous times.

So, what makes napping so great?

Many studies show that taking a nap is better than caffeine! Naps also improve motor skills, memory, and learning. But – the length of your nap has an impact on the results.

Here are the benefits you reap from taking a mid-afternoon snooze (as if you need any more reason than the fact that it feels GREAT):

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Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson

Lindsay Sibson turned her lifelong dream of traveling the world into a reality when she first stepped on a plan in April of 2014. With the simple intention of learning more about this beautiful world, she stepped away from corporate America to explore an alternative lifestyle of long term international travel, volunteering, blogging and pursuing a blissfully happy and fulfilling way of life.

Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life. Connect with her on her website and follow her travels on Instagram (

Through her blog, Lindsay documents her journey in hopes of empowering others to find their passion, reignite their spark and freshen their outlook on life.
Lindsay Sibson

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