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I heard a story the other day that really touched me and I wanted to share it with you. If you have your own children, or if there are children in your life that you love dearly, this will hit a chord with you.

The Miracle Of A Mother’s Touch

A mother who was pregnant with twins arrived at a hospital to give birth one morning. She was so excited to meet the tiny humans that had been growing inside her for months.

She was also nervous, because her babies were being born early… at only 27 weeks gestation.

The twins were delivered and although one baby was born strong and breathing well, the other baby didn’t start breathing. Doctors worked furiously to bring him to life, to help him take that first breath of air outside the womb… but after 20 minutes… he still wasn’t breathing.

They declared him dead.

The mother and father were shattered. With a broken heart, the mother unwrapped her lifeless baby son and held him gently against her skin so that nothing was in between them.

She held him this way for TWO WHOLE HOURS. The father was also close by.

Then something miraculous happened.

The baby gasped for air.

The startled doctors thought it was maybe just a reflex action. The mom quickly put some breast milk on her finger and fed it to him and within a few minutes he started to breathe normally.

Small, tiny breaths of life…

Just a short time later he opened his little hand and quickly grabbed his mom’s finger. No one could believe it! I can only imagine what it must have been like to be in that room.

Today, the twins are both alive and well. In fact, they are exuberant young six year olds. You would never know that the little boy started off his life the way he did.

The Power Of Human Touch

The true power of human touch is indescribable. This tangible connection between souls is at the center of the human experience.

Modern convenience has isolated many from true human connection. Social media, computers, walls, fences… we are cut off from our fellow men like no other generation has been before.

How many people in the world are alive, but lifeless? Walking around like walking dead… the warmth of life, the hope of being… gone?

Do we have the power to bring them back? To put the light back in their souls? To soothe the pain of their past?


Not only do we have an unimaginable power within us, but we have the obligation, the responsibility, the desperate need to use our inner power to reach out to the dying souls around us and give them hope. Give them light. Give them WARMTH.

A Challenge

Today I want to challenge you to CONNECT with the people around you through TOUCH.

A handshake. A gentle touch to someone’s hand. An arm around their shoulders. A hug. Simply putting your hand on their arm while looking deep into their eyes.

It could change everything.

Remember, we’re in this together.

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Drew Canole

Drew Canole

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