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It’s one of the scariest things imaginable. I don’t know about you, but the thought of dying terrifies me. I hate even talking about it! And it’s not the thought of dying on impact in an accident, but the thought of suffering with health issues that take over your life that really upsets me to the core. No one should have to go through that.

Sometimes it may seem that no matter what you do, you just can’t get your health to where you want it to be. If you’re tired for no reason, sluggish and lazy, bloated and miserable, gassy and uncomfortable, there may be a very simple reason for this!

Why You Need To Consider Your Colon

Did you know it’s your colon’s job to absorb nutrients and water and to eliminate toxins and waste from your body? This is an enormous responsibility and one your colon is carrying out nearly 24/7 for your entire life.

What happens when the colon is not functioning optimally? What happens when we fill our bodies with so many toxins that the colon has a hard time keeping up, even becoming unable to do its job like it should?

I think you know exactly what happens…

  • You feel tired.
  • You feel bloated after eating.
  • You feel moody.
  • You may feel anxious.
  • You may have chronic health conditions.
  • You may have symptoms in other areas of the body that you don’t understand.
  • You may have food allergies.
  • You may have excess weight.


Your gut is your CORE and is linked to everything else in your body in one way or another. There is just no getting around it – we can’t neglect such an important organ AND expect to feel 100%. That’s like expecting your car engine to work properly for 20+ years without ever getting an oil change.

Hippocrates, one of the greatest physicians of his time, said all disease starts in the gut. And most people have 20 pounds of undigested food in their gut! No wonder more than 40% of the american population has some sort of chronic disease!

The Benefits Of A Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse isn’t necessarily something you do once a year or every few months, it can be a regular practice you do on a daily or weekly basis. When I’m talking about cleansing your colon, I mean giving it a temporary break from hard-to-digest foods and focusing your diet around cleansing, easy-to-digest nutrient dense foods.

The benefits of colon cleansing include:

  • Makes your digestive system more effective
  • Helps nutrient absorption and passing waste easier
  • Prevents constipation
  • Helps regularity
  • Increases energy
  • Helps weight loss by releasing excess waste and mucus
  • Helps maintain PH balance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves well-being


Food To Avoid During A Cleanse

When you are focusing your diet around cleansing the colon, you should try hard to avoid:


Best Food Combinations For Your Colon


Pineapple is great for your digestion. It is full of fiber. The type of fiber in pineapple is soluble, which means it attracts water in your gut, slowing down absorption, allowing your digestive tract to be able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from the food. Only waste will go to waste.

There is a digestive enzyme called bromelain in pineapple. Bromelain works together with your digestive system to break food down and absorb protein. It also helps stomach aches, heartburn and diarrhea. Pineapple also has anti-inflammatory effects, relieving any inflammation in your gut that can slow down digestion (winking poop emoji).

Cucumbers And Celery  

Cucumbers are incredibly hydrating, therefore, they help to hydrate your colon. This helps your body to break down fecal matter and make the elimination process smoother. Cucumber and celery are both full of insoluble fiber that also helps to bulk up your stool and boosts the elimination process by moving it through your digestive tract.

Cucumber and celery are both great for acid reflux and indigestion. Cucumbers can temporarily increase your stomach’s pH, helping to relieve acid reflux. Celery helps restore your stomach acid, therefore relieving acid reflux, heartburn and bloating. Drinking pure celery juice in the morning is very beneficial if you are dealing with acid reflux and issues related to low stomach acid.

Spinach And Kale

Spinach and kale add lots of essential minerals to your drink that help reduce inflammation and create an alkaline environment in your body. They also contain lots of fiber. Disease can’t live in an alkaline environment, so all the toxins and bugs will want to leave your body; the fiber and other ingredients in this drink will help them to exit smoothly and quickly.

Flax Seeds And Chia Seeds

When mixed with water or other liquids, chia seeds turn into a gel like substance that helps lubricate your digestive system and aids the elimination process. Adding aloe vera to your smoothie can have similar effects. Flax and chia seeds are both high in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and fiber that help digestion and elimination.


Your gut is full of beneficial bacteria that are essential to proper digestion and colon function. Most cultures around the world include fermented foods in their daily diets and this helps to keep a balance of good bacteria in the gut. Because this is not as common in America, it is a good idea to include a high-quality probiotic supplement in your daily routine.

Biotic Balance is our favorite high-quality probiotic supplement that is designed to help balance your gut, fight fatigue and improve your immune system. With just one capsule a day, you can greatly improve your health and vitality. Biotic Balance contains 50 billion colony forming units to keep your gut flourishing with the “good” bacteria and support a healthy body from within.

The following recipe is full of ingredients that help digestion, elimination and healthy colon function.

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Colon Cleansing Smoothie
  • 2 cups of pineapple
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 strips of celery
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 handful of kale
  • 2 tsp flax seeds
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of Organifi Green Juice Powder
  • Probiotics (either open up a probiotic capsule to add the probiotic powder content or just take your capsule with your smoothie)
  1. Blend all ingredients together. Enjoy immediately.

More Intensive Colon Cleanse Options

If you are wanting a quick start to your colon cleanse or have been instructed by your healthcare professional to take more intensive action than a smoothie or juice cleanse, here are a couple options for you.

Colonics And Enemas

Colonics and enemas can be helpful ideas, especially if you are doing a detox and looking to get rid of lots of toxins at the same time. However, they are not recommended for people with certain health conditions (colitis, crohn’s) and are controversial issues (many professionals believe that these are pointless, your gut can do the job) and many people feel uncomfortable doing them.

Whether you are pro or anti colonics/enemas, it is very important not to depend on these things only, but to help your body (and colon) to function well by itself smoothly. Trust your body’s wisdom: it knows how to function well and to heal itself when you help it to do its job.

Love Your Body

Colon cells only live for 4 days and your entire body regenerates itself within 7 years. This means that you have the power to heal and create a healthier body day by day, year by year.

You are a LIVING, breathing and ever-changing human being. Just because you are currently feeling one way or are burdened by excess weight or a chronic condition or something else, you could feel like an entirely new person in the future if you truly take care of and love your body.

To take care of your digestion, it is important to stay hydrated, to take probiotics and eat probiotic rich foods (healthy gut flora), eat a fiber rich and whole foods diet and reduce/eliminate processed/artificial foods.

Remember, we’re in this together. bbweb4556

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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