Why Moms Need to Stop Neglecting Their Health


drewssexybody (3)Written by: Cassie Zeider

stressed-mom5As a first time mom with a year of motherhood under my belt, I have realized how grateful I am that I had established the principles of health before I became a mom.

Becoming a mom surely does turn your world upside down, especially in that first year. I can barely imagine having to focus on learning how to be a mom, figuring out how to parent AND establishing good healthy habits to ensure you’ll be around as long as possible for your little one – all during that same year.  

Taking care of your little bundle of joy is a full time job of it’s own and time is definitely of the essence, so why should you try to add something else on your plates during this time?

Within the first year of your child’s life, they are already learning to follow your lead.

nursing-mothers-detailMy daughter eats what we eat, does squats and mimics dance moves from watching us workout and is very active, independent and healthy. I attribute the healthy lifestyle that she’s been developing for her first year to food and consistent habits; she’s watching everything I do, learning from me and it’s just as important for me to be doing the things I want her to learn as it is teaching her lifetime habits NOW so they don’t become difficult for her later on, like they were for me.

Nutrition isn’t something that is widely taught in home life, school or when you get your first job – yet it’s so important to life and preventing disease or illness. Exercise is something that is enforced in P.E. classes or athletics in school, but still, the importance isn’t ever taught to us in a way that helps us understand how it impacts our lives.

I encourage you to find a resource that will help you learn as much as possible in these areas. You don’t have to be a guru or obsessive about the process of being healthy, but do yourself and your child a favor and commit to learning these things so that you can give your kids a heads start in life.

Here are some getting started tips and ideas of what to focus on:

1. Water – Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

2. Whole Foods – Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and things that don’t come with a label. Quality protein (free-range organic chicken, grass-fed organic beef, pastured fish, eggs)

3. Processed Foods – Avoid these at ALL costs. These are not food, but “food-like” items.

4. Cooking – Learn to cook and to cook at home often. Get the little ones involved and make it fun!

5. Artificial Sugars – These are chemically designed and more addictive than cocaine. They are like poison to your body, creating inflammation and over time, illness and disease.

6. Exercise – Working out should be fun. Move more, lift heavy things and play together. Commit to at least 30-minutes daily, increasing as you can.

These areas of focus are simple concepts, but if you focus on creating habits and work on applying them to your life, you’ll find that your life – and your health – will improve.

One last thing to remember as a new mom trying to be the best you can be for your child…

Remember that your mental health is JUST as important as your physical health.

Having confidence, staying positive and not being short tempered are important when raising a child. Learn to focus and organize your life in a way so you experience minimal stress. Set boundaries with others to allow yourself to live the way you want to, while being fully present for your precious kiddos.

I promise that you and your baby will benefit from you taking control of your own health in more ways than you could possibly imagine.

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Cassie Zeider

Cassie Zeider

Certified Health Coach at Cassie Zeider
Cassie Zeider is a Certified Health Coach, Mother, Daughter and Friend. She is passionate about food and how it relates to the body. Weight loss, digestion and hormones are her favorite topics, but she loves stress release as well. She focuses on a whole body approach to health.
Cassie Zeider


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