Why It’s Okay To Feel Unhappy Sometimes

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Why It’s Okay To Feel Unhappy Sometimes

Written by: Janet Early

You’re taught that the key to life is happiness… so is it ever okay to be unhappy?

Yes. In fact, periods of unhappiness checkered throughout your life form a foundation upon which true happiness can grow

You may have heard the saying, “The high times carry the low.” Well, the low times elevate the high. When you experience periodic unhappiness, you can gain a richer, deeper appreciation for the good times in your life.

Robin Berman, MD, psychiatrist and author, claims that unhappiness is the key to raising happy kids.

She states, “Here’s the secret: To have happy kids, you must teach them to tolerate being unhappy.”

Dr. Berman encourages parents not to give in to their children’s tantrums, but instead to give them the opportunity to learn to deal with dissatisfaction. Her main point on this topic is that difficult moments have the potential to teach children how to regulate their emotions.

The same principle can be applied to you as an adult. Learning to tolerate unhappiness can make you a more emotionally stable person. The knowledge that things won’t always go perfectly and that you will sometimes be dissatisfied or disappointed is key to long-term happiness.

Benefits of experiencing unhappiness:

  • Teaches emotional stability
  • Improves your ability to recognize and appreciate the positives in your life
  • Makes you more empathetic towards people experiencing hard times
  • Teaches humility, as it’s made clear that not you nor anyone is immune from pain
  • Makes you more relatable
  • Strengthens your ability to deal with adversity 

This is not to say that people should strive for unhappiness or that depression is alright. But the upside of tough times is that they pepper our lives with experience and nurture character growth.

There is no such thing as a scar-free existence. You may experience financial trouble, break-ups, feelings of regret, some really sucky times. But realize that it’s in the black of night when we can most clearly see the stars that will lead us to where we need to go.

Next time you are going through a rough patch, find solace in these truths:

And most importantly,

  • Just keep going. Never admit defeat because if you keep moving and keep going about your life and pursuing your goals, you will inevitably reach a happier chapter in your life.

Janet Early

Janet Early

Janet Early is a health enthusiast living in Los Angeles and working as a researcher for a major television company. An aspiring writer, Janet discovered her passion for wholesome nutrition and natural healing while navigating the struggles of balancing food sensitivities in a modern world. In addition to nutrition, she enjoys traveling, storytelling and embarking on daily adventures.
Janet Early


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