Forget Your Beauty Products and Start Eating This Fruit – Here’s Why

Written by: Emily Price

Did you know that your skin is a reflection of the health of your internal organs?

Your skin itself is an organ, one that can be compared to the lungs (that filter our air) or our digestive system (which filters our food). Similarly, our skin interacts with the external elements and provides protection from pollution and the sun’s rays.

You want your skin to be in great shape and you can look to skin issues to learn more about what is happening in your body beneath the surface.

You can eat strategically for beautiful, glowing skin by simply adding more avocado to your diet. Avocado is so good for your skin that it even makes a great face mask, no other ingredients needed; simply mash it up into a paste and apply externally for soft, smooth skin.

The Benefits of Avocado

Avocado is a miracle food! It provides the body with healthy fats and phytonutrients and is a filling and delicious food. Find ways to incorporate an avocado a day into your diet and reap the benefits (my favorite way to get more avocado is to add some to my smoothies for a creamier texture!).  

Why is avocado ideal for perfect skin? Here are four reasons:

1. Avocado contains vitamin C, a vitamin that must be consumed daily (it is water-soluble and your body does not store it, so you need a fresh dose each day). Vitamin C is essential in the creation of elastin and collagen, proteins that work together to give skin its structure and firmness. Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant, which means it will fight against wrinkle-causing free radicals.

2. Avocado contains antioxidant carotenoids. Carotenoids, in high amounts, have been shown to improve the skin’s density, tone and overall appearance, specifically those found in avocado: alpha carotene, beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein. These combat free radicals (which attack our skin and advance the appearance of aging) and provide protection from environmental damage.

3. Avocado is rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that reduces the effects of UVA and UVB radiation from sun exposure. It’s ideal to get your vitamin E from natural sources (rather than supplements), so a healthy-fat like avocado is the ideal source. Like vitamin C, vitamin E is an antioxidant. It prohibits free radical damage that can occur as we age.

4. Avocado is rich in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. Oleic acid is an omega-9 fat that can reduce redness and irritation, as well as regenerate damaged skin cells. It is considered as one of the building blocks of healthy skin.

Bonus tip:  Add avocado oil to your rotation of healthy, cold oils used in small amounts as a salad dressing to get some increased benefit of beautiful skin.

It’s amazing that one food can contain so many incredible properties for your skin alone. Show your skin some love and add some avocado to your salad today (with a little pinch of sea salt and a dash of lemon juice, ideally!). You won’t regret it!

And, for a sweet and delicious dessert replacement (and a yummy way to get some extra avocado), I highly recommend this healthy “milkshake” recipe from My New Roots.          

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Emily Price

Emily Price

Certified Health Coach at The Voluptuous Witch
Emily Price is a Certified Health Coach who uses the tools of guided self-exploration, nutrition and intuitive guidance to help women more deeply love themselves and their body. She received her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
Emily Price

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