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Written by: Fabrice Joseph

Not having energy sucks! Especially when you really need it, like when you want to go to the gym or when you are at work, it’s 3pm and your energy levels hit a debilitating low.

What do you do?

Most people would just have an energy drink, coffee or some other sort of sugar fix. We all know what happens when we do that – you crash again later on and you need to keep topping up more and more, which then ultimately affects and hinders your well-being.

What I am about to share with you is totally FREE and practical – the only requirement is that you need to be able to follow simple instructions, which I’m sure you can!

This technique works wonders for me, especially when I am working on my computer for several hours at a time. I simply take a 5 minute break and follow the process whenever I feel my energy drop. It’s a great pick-me-up and it helps me reset my mind so that I can refocus on the task at hand. What makes this technique even better is that there are no side effects.

Next time your energy levels hits a low, follow this 3-step protocol:

Step 1: If possible, stand up and shake your body (or do a couple of stretches). Otherwise, you can still shake up your body while you are seated and stretch. You should immediately notice your energy starting to rise.

Step 2: Take 3 deep breaths, paying 100% attention to the flow of the air going in and out of your body.

Step 3: Close your eyes and imagine a time when you had lots of energy. Perhaps you were at a party and you were dancing all night because you had so much energy, or perhaps it was your early morning walk when you felt revitalized and refreshed. It doesn’t even have to be real – it can just be imagined!

Personally, I prefer to make it up. No joke – I sometimes pretend I’m one of those Dragon Ball Z characters charging up.

Really associate yourself in your chosen event, make the image vivid and rich. Turn up the brightness, the sounds and the feelings associated with that experience. You should then begin to notice your energy rise dramatically.

Rule of thumb: Practice! Practice! Practice! The more you practice, the better you will get at this and the faster you will be able to access a more energetic state of mind.

Your Turn!

Go ahead and use this technique right now. Before starting, rate your level of energy, do the method, rate yourself again and note any change. I would love to hear about your results! Comment below or if you have any private questions, leave me a note and we’ll get in touch.

organifi web22

Fabrice Joseph
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Fabrice Joseph

Certified Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner at Fabrice Joseph Hypnotherapy
Fabrice Joseph is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He has been the student of world-renowned experts in the field of Behavioural Change and Human Potential, thereby integrating multiple powerful methodologies in his coaching practice.

Fabrice’s mission is simple – to help people overcome their limiting thought patterns so that they can live their life to its fullest.
Fabrice Joseph
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