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Using Your Subconscious Mind To Lose Weight

“It is psychological law that whatever we desire to accomplish we must impress upon the subjective or subconscious mind.” – Orison Swett Marden

Today I want to teach you how to harness your subconscious mind in order to maximize your ability to lose weight.

Your subconscious mind controls a surprisingly large portion of your life. Most people think that willpower (which is a conscious effort) is what it takes to lose weight. But the truth is, the way you think all the time PROGRAMS the subconscious mind, which then dictates 90-97% of what you do and accomplish on a normal day.

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For example, maybe you are trying to make more money. But instead of focusing on abundance, you are focusing on what you don’t have. You are focusing on LACK. Maybe you grew up being taught that money is something negative that is full of frustration and you grew up feeling like you never had enough.

Because of this programing you are always focusing on the lack of money instead of the abundance of money. Because you’re focusing on lack, you keep attracting more lack.

This type of thinking is why so many people fail at weight loss and other goals. Although they are summing up all the willpower they can muster to accomplish their goals and working hard, their subconscious mind is sabotaging their efforts because of how they’ve programed it to think.

Sounds complicated, but don’t worry – it is actually very simple.

It’s all about WHAT you are focusing on.

Once you understand what I’m about to teach you, you’ll be able to attract exactly the kinds of results you want.

This doesn’t only apply to weight loss and finances. Once you understand this principle, you can apply it in all areas of your life and how you think.

Why It’s Counter-Productive To Focus On Losing Body Fat

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When most people go into any exercise/diet routine, they focus on body fat percentage.

Body fat percentage is the total amount of body fat in a living organism divided by the total body mass.

For a male who is in good shape, it should be somewhere between 8% and 12%.

For a female who is in really good shape, it should be around 15%-20%.

Women are built differently than men. Their bodies are created to bring life into the world and they need a little more body fat than men. This doesn’t mean women look fatter than men – they are just composed a little bit differently. Every body is beautiful and unique.

The problem with focusing on body fat is that you are constantly thinking about something that you DON’T WANT.

Let me explain…

Your mind and the universe doesn’t pay attention to the details of whether you want something or don’t want it – it just sees that you are focusing on it. And you ATTRACT whatever you think about and FOCUS on the most.

If you’re focused on losing your body fat or losing weight or not getting fat or not feeling awkward, you are just attracting more of those things – because those are the things you’re thinking about.

Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want.

The big shift happened for me when I stopped focusing on my body fat percentage and I started focusing on what I actually wanted:


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Instead of focusing on body fat (which I wanted to lose) I focused on lean muscle mass (which is something I wanted to GAIN) and since we attract what we focus on the most, I began gaining lean muscle, which naturally burned more fat and allowed for the space to attain what I really wanted, which was to be in better shape.

It’s the same desired outcome, just a shift in focus.

You know how when you were in driver’s ed and they taught you to look ahead at the road (aka where you wanted to go) and to avoid staring at the car next to you or the meridian in fear of hitting it? This is the same concept.

When you’re driving, you naturally gravitate towards where your focus is. If you drove while staring at all the things you DIDN’T want to hit, you would be much more likely to hit them than if you just focused on the road ahead!

Right now I am about 195 pounds and 180 pounds of lean muscle. It took hard work, dedication and commitment to get where I am and I am still striving to grow stronger and faster every day. This has become my new lifestyle… but it wasn’t always this way.

The average pound of muscle in your body burns at least 6-10 calories each day on autopilot, doing absolutely nothing. This means I burn about 1,400-1,800 calories each day without even trying because of the way I have trained my body to work with and for me based on my lifestyle.

If you’re a woman OR a man, you should try focusing on lean muscle mass instead of body fat.

Focus on what you WANT.

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Whatever it is that you want in life, be it a healthy body, loving relationships, good looks, people skills, abundance, etc… spend your time focusing on those things instead of on their opposites.

Focus on the things you want to GAIN, the ones you want to ATTRACT. Not the things you don’t.

I know it can be challenging, but I also know it’s possible and once you master this shift, your whole world has the potential to change for the better.

I want that for you, my friend. And I know you do too!

Let me know in the comments below how this shift in perspective has changed your life!

Always remember, we’re in this together!

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