Unusual Ways Stress Affects You And What To Do About It

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Unusual Ways Stress Affects You And What To Do About It

Written by: Brandi Monasco

Stress is something that we all deal with, whether it be from day to day stressors or something that happens once in awhile. Many people juggle their home life, work, the kids – whatever it is that you do on a daily basis, stress affects us all and in different ways.

When you feel stressed day in and day out and feel like you are at your limit, that is when stress can become dangerous to your health. It not only affects your mood and quality of life, but you could also have more severe symptoms such as weight gain, headaches and trouble sleeping. Eventually, the constant stress can also increase your chances of having a heart attack later on in life.

Unfortunately, there are some times that you may be stressed and really not even know it.

Here are 6 signs of stress that you need to know about:

1. Erratic Moods: Being constantly stressed out can make your moods erratic. One minute you might feel happy and relaxed and the next minute you could feel sad and depressed.

2. Trouble Concentrating: Being stressed and overwhelmed can make it difficult for you to focus on the task that is in front of you. You might even find it difficult to remember small things such as a co-worker’s name or that dentist appointment you had scheduled today.

3. Your Hair Starts Falling Out: It is normal for you to wake up every morning with just a few strands of your hair on the pillow. However, if you are seeing more and more strands of hair each morning, you could be suffering with something more severe. You could possibly be experiencing a medical condition that makes your immune system attack your hair follicles and make your hair fall out.  

4. Trouble Sleeping: When you are stressed you may find it difficult to fall asleep or even have trouble staying asleep. After having a long, busy day, you should find it easy to fall asleep at night, however, if you are not able to do so, or continue to wake up several times during the night, you could be stressed.

5. Constant Body Pain: Stress can cause you to have constant and persistent body pain, regardless of what you take or what you do to relieve the pain. It can cause headaches, migraines, muscle pains, tense and sore muscles and even chest pains.

6. Staying Sick: You seem to stay sick and it seems like you either always have a sore throat, a fever, a cough, a cold, or anything that might make you feel lousy. When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. When you are stressed constantly, your body cannot release enough cortisol to help the stress and can become depleted over time. When there are not enough hormones to be released, your immune system becomes weak and you become more susceptible to illness.

If you feel like you are constantly stressed out for one reason or another, here are a few things that you can try to cope with the stress.

1. Exercise: This is a great way to relieve any stress that you might have and can also increase your energy levels. Just a quick 15 minute walk around the park or the block will do you some good.

2. Relax: It is hard to do, but try to set time aside each day just for you. Try yoga, meditation or even taking a bubble bath to relax.

3. Count To 10: If you’re overwhelmed, stop what you are doing for a moment and count to 10. Take a deep breath, hold it in and then slowly let it out while you count to 10.

What are some stress relieving techniques you have? Share with us in the comments below!

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Brandi Monasco

Brandi Monasco

Health Advocate at Gettin' Healthy
Brandi Monasco is a freelance writer, graphic designer and social media manager from Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and has recently found a new love for health and nutrition.
Brandi Monasco

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