Tips To Getting Your Exercise Routine Back On Track

Written by: Brandi Monasco

A lot of people want to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle, but they often find it hard to stick with a consistent exercise regimen. Most of them start off well, but along the way, they hit a plateau and find it difficult to continue.

If you hit a plateau or just need some help to make exercise a habit, check out these tips below!

#1. Take It Slow           

It is perfectly understandable that you want to start seeing results as soon as possible. But starting gradually and gathering momentum each day is the best way to make real, lasting progress. Over exercising as a beginner will only tire you out. You can start with short walks at first, then with time, start jogging, then take it from there.

#2. Watch Your Diet

What is the use of exercise when you binge eat and live on junk food? You might as well sit on your couch and sleep all day. Not only does unhealthy eating prevent you from seeing obvious results, but your body also needs good food. A big reason people sometimes stall in their weight loss goals is because their body is craving the nutrition it needs.

Start out by being mindful of your calorie intake. Energy is needed for exercise. Not having enough calories from food can slow you down while exercising.

#3. See It As A Priority

When you realize that exercising is necessary to increase your quality of life, you will be less likely to give up on it. You will also be teaching others not to take their health for granted too.

#4. Make Exercising Fun

Stop seeing exercising as a task necessary to be healthy, or a stressful set of techniques and instead start to view it as something exciting that’s going to help completely transform your life. By shifting your mindset and finding what sort of exercise you enjoy, you can make it a fun thing to look forward to. That way, you can become motivated to push harder, each day.

#5. Join A Gym

You can exercise in your home or around your neighborhood. But there is this feeling that comes with group work. Seeing someone else on the treadmill or doing those squats with others could help inspire you to keep at your regimen. And before you know it, you might even start looking forward to each gym session.

#6. Do More Of What You Enjoy

Some people love the treadmill, but do not like aerobic exercises. Others do not mind running all day, but dislike lifting weights. So, find out what sort of exercise works best for you and feels most comfortable and do more of that.

#7. Find Someone To Commit Too

This can be super effective, especially if you are really determined to make exercise a long term thing. This person would either go exercising with you, or wake you up each morning to go running, etc. Find a workout buddy or at least someone that will help keep you accountable.

#8. Have A Goal And Reward Plan

More like a cheat day, this is something you can do to inspire yourself to do better. It could be a nice outdoor meal when you reach your fitness goal for the month or a new pair of sneakers when you do not skip a day of exercise for a certain amount of time. Develop a reward system that doesn’t always involve food. Find things that are fulfilling to you in other ways.

#9. Know That Pain Is Normal

Exercising comes with some pain usually called ‘the burn.’ But like they say, “no pain, no gain.” However, know when to slow down to avoid hurting or injuring yourself. And if a pain becomes chronic, do not ignore it. That sort of pain could indicate you’re doing something incorrectly or your body is needing some attention. Listen to your body.

Know that exercising is a great and affordable way to keep health conditions and issues away. Not only does it energize you, but it makes you look and feel younger too. It’s a win-win for you!

What’s your favorite way to exercise? How do you stick with your own exercise regimen? What works for you? Share your thoughts and tips with us in the comments below!

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Brandi Monasco

Brandi Monasco

Health Advocate at Gettin' Healthy
Brandi Monasco is a freelance writer, graphic designer and social media manager from Texas. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and has recently found a new love for health and nutrition.
Brandi Monasco

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