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Do you have any plants in your home? Have you ever thought about the potential health benefits of plants before you add them to your decor? Or are you mostly concerned with aesthetics?

Turns out that your choice of houseplants may have an affect on how well you sleep! Read on to learn more.

A Sleep(less) Epidemic

There are over 70 types of sleep disorders! 40 million people (and counting) are currently suffering from long term sleeping problems. Is one of those people YOU? Or maybe someone in your household?

Sleep deprivation is a big deal… and can lead to a lot of mental, emotional and physical problems as well as have a big impact on your relationships.

Side effects of sleep disorders and deprivation include:

Ain’t nobody got time for that stuff!

What’s the deal anyway? Most people I know LIKE to sleep… they just can’t seem to do it enough. I can think of a few obvious culprits. Distracting technology is all over our homes. Our lives are chronically busy. Our thoughts are never-ending. Our bodies are achy and tired.

All of these things are ENEMIES to your sleep! Modern culture is just not very SLEEP-friendly.

Anyone yawning while reading this?

Today, I have something for you that is a little less conventional than you might be expecting. You know I’m all about anxiety-soothing juice recipes and sleepy-time teas and solid nighttime routines

Time to get a little more woo-woo!

The following plants have been found to REDUCE anxiety and promote relaxation… not to mention living plants in general bring more life-saving oxygen into your home and improve air quality significantly!

Consider adding any of the following 5 plants to your bedroom to improve your quality of sleep and therefore, your quality of life.


#1. White Jasmine


insomnia, plants, sleep

This is one of my favorites because of its scent and natural remedying properties. Maybe you’ve used jasmine essential oil before. It is one of the most expensive oils because of its believed ability to reduce anxiety and improve mood.

White jasmine flowers blossom at night and release a scent that has been shown in research to promote more restful sleep, decrease anxiety and improve mental performance.

#2. English Ivy


insomnia, plants, sleep

You’ve probably seen fake English Ivy in your grandma’s house, but I would encourage you to try having this plant ALIVE and in your own home!

English Ivy can reduce airborne mold by 94%! It seems this simple vine is good at taking toxins from the air and releasing healthy oxygen in exchange. Some studies even suggest it may help those suffering from asthma.

#3. Lavender


insomnia, plants, sleep

It’s pretty widely accepted that the lavender plant has many properties that promote relaxation and soothe the nervous system. Many people use the oil on their pillow or in a diffuser to help with sleep. Another solution is simply to put a whole lavender plant in your room!

Research has found that lavender may help to slow down heart rate, reduce blood pressure and ease stress levels. It also speeds the process of falling asleep. Parents seem to particularly like lavender because it is safe for babies and is helpful in getting them to sleep more and cry less.

#4. Aloe Vera


insomnia, plants, sleep

Most people think aloe vera is only for sunburns and skin conditions. But the aloe plant has a lot more benefits up its sleeve!

Recent studies have found that aloe vera releases large amounts of oxygen, which improves air quality in your room as well as makes breathing easier. This may be a particularly good plant for those of you who are concerned about your oxygen intake at night.

#5. Snake Plant


insomnia, plants, sleep

This is a great decorative plant that seems to carry a lot of nighttime benefits. Research has found that this plant releases MORE oxygen during the night than in the daytime. Another cool fact, the snake plant can cleanse several toxins from the air including formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene.

If you like a jungle theme in decor you could stick all five of these plants in your room! Otherwise, I would recommend you pick one and see how you like it.

Have you ever used plants to help you sleep? Comment below and make sure to subscribe for some more awesome tips! Maybe I’ll send the reader with the most plants in their house some free green juice.

Remember, we’re in this together.

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