How To Breathe Your Way To Success

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This Simple Breathing Exercise Can Change Your Life

The world is filled with distractions.

Television. Social media. Work. Conversation. Schooling. News. Social expectations. The list never ends!

Every day you are bombarded with all this noise from the moment you roll out of bed to the moment you slip back under the covers.

It’s nearly impossible to sift through it all and get your daily tasks done, much less accomplish your goals and reach true success.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

One small addition to your daily routine can make all the difference… 


Breathe Your Way To Success

I know what you’re thinking. How can I add breathing to my daily routine? I’ve been breathing since birth!

You’re right, you’re a professional breather. But stay with me. There’s a little more to it than just taking air out and in.

In this video, Drew will walk you through a simple breathing exercise and explain how it will completely change your day for the better:

Caring For Your Spiritual Muscles

The mind and spirit are often overlooked when it comes to self care. But just as your body requires physical activity to stay healthy, your mind needs exercise and attention to stay strong and happy.

Adding this breathing exercise to your daily routine is one way that you can care for your spiritual muscles.

What’s In It For You

How can a couple minutes of deep breathing give you the success you’ve been craving in life?

Actually, taking the time each day to breathe and meditate has many benefits. Here are the top 5: 

  1. Boost Confidence


Spending time in your day to breathe and focus creates a re-connection to your inner self. The 5 year old child inside you, as Drew puts it in the video.

This reconnection gives you the power to stand up for yourself in difficult situations and the courage to do what you have always wanted to do.

  1. Minimize Stress


Breathing exercises are a great way to relieve stress. If you feel like you have too much on your plate, step away from your worries for just a moment to breathe. Come back to YOU.

Most of the time, taking a breather can be just what you need to get back on your feet and tackle whatever you have to do that day.

  1. Staying In The Present


Maybe you have a tendency to linger in past events and memories. Or maybe you spend your time wishing for and worrying about the future. Both pastimes keep you from enjoying the things that are happening right now.

Doing breathing exercises strengthens your ability to focus on the present moment and live it to its fullest.

  1. Build Relationships


As you nurture confidence in who you really are through controlled breathing and meditation, you will start to see and accept others as they truly are. The more love and acceptance you have for yourself, the easier it is to have compassion and love for others.

When you implement daily breathing exercises and meditation into your life, you will see your relationships with others grow exponentially.

  1. Seeing Things In A New Light


As Drew touched on in the video, this breathing exercise will enable you to see nature, circumstances and opportunities in a whole new light.

You’ll start to notice simple things in your life that you may have overlooked or taken for granted. You’ll find yourself in the state of mind to discover the positive in even the most negative of situations.

Achieve Your Dreams

These 5 benefits are only a few of the tools that breathing exercises give you access to. And with these tools you’ll find yourself in better shape to achieve your dreams.

Don’t let the distractions of the world keep you from success! Practice this exercise every day, build that re-connection to the real you and rediscover the beauty in your life that you may have overlooked.

Then all that’s left to do is get out there and SUCCEED!

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Emilyn Gil

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