THIS Is WHY You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side


By Jessica Baumgardner

Prior to pregnancy, I was 100% a stomach-sleeper. Ahh, it’s so comfortable! But, once I got into the second trimester, I started sleeping almost exclusively on my left side to increase the amount of blood and nutrients getting to the placenta and the baby.

You may have already heard – but did you know that everyone, pregnant or not, should be sleeping on the left side?

It’s true! The primary reason is because of your lymphatic system (AKA the “drains” that help to remove toxins from the body). The left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side and allows your body to do its best work when you’re sleeping on this side – filtering lymph fluid, toxins and waste through the thoracic duct and the lymph nodes. Sleeping on the right side will suppress this system and cause all of this to function more slowly, leading to a build-up of toxins.

Another system that prefers the left side is the digestive system. It, too, functions best in this sleeping position, as it allows your body to efficiently obtain nutrients from food and dispose of toxins.

The easiest way to train your body to embrace this new sleeping position is to use your pillows strategically. Place one pillow behind your back to support you and remind you not to roll over. You can also hug a second pillow to keep your body aligned and comfortable.

So tell me, are you a side-sleeper? And if not, I hope this will  inspire you to give it a try!

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Jessica Baumgardner

Jessica Baumgardner

Certified Holistic Health Coach at Health Coach Philly
Jessica Baumgardner, aka Health Coach Philly, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is dedicated to helping women improve their nutrition, reduce stress, lose weight and increase their energy through her personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs.

Jessica holds a Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school and the only school integrating over 100 dietary theories, from traditional philosophies like ayurveda and macrobiotics, to modern concepts.

After successfully using a holistic approach to prepare for her wedding in 2012, Jessica decided to share her knowledge of whole foods and healthy living with women, to help them fulfill their own personal goals.
Jessica Baumgardner


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