This Is What You Need To Do To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

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This Is What You Need To Do To Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Written by: Kat Gal

New year resolutions, new year goals, new year changes, new year dreams… Whatever you call them, it’s a struggle to keep them unless you follow 3 crucial steps.

When it comes to resolutions, you usually make them. You may even start them in January, but the initial excitement typically wears off and by February (or by January 2nd), you’ve already forgotten about them. But it’s okay, there is always next year, right?

But what if you actually want to stick to these resolutions and goals this time around? What if you want to make changes this time around for real?

This is what you need to do.

You Have To Want It:

Whatever your goals are, you really have to want them in order to achieve them. If you are only looking to change your diet to a more natural, healthier and plant-based one because some articles said so and because it feels ‘trendy,’ you will likely not stick to it.

It is not enough that we at FitLife want you to be healthy: you have to want to be healthy. Look for changes you are excited to make. If raw vegan doesn’t excite you just yet, commit to adding more cooked vegetables and a few green smoothies instead. Look for the bigger picture. What is the real goal you want to achieve? Look beyond the number on the scale. Heck, look beyond the numbers on your blood test.

How do you want to feel? What will you be able to do if you feel that way? What will you do with your newfound health? Keep digging until you find a big enough WHY that you want it.

You Have To Be Willing:

Okay, so you want it badly enough. But are you willing to make changes? Just because you have a strong enough ‘why’ doesn’t mean the end result will magically appear in your hands. You will have to be making changes that can be difficult and uncomfortable at times.

You may have to deal with physical detox, work through emotional issues, let go of  habits you’ve had for a lifetime and perhaps even reconsider your relationships. Are you willing to make these steps?

The easiest and most effective way is to go day by day – or even hour by hour or moment to moment – and be willing to make these changes each day, every day. Don’t look at the next week, next month or next year. Just be willing now. Be willing to pass that cake shop just today. Be willing to make and to drink that juice just this morning. Small steps take you far… which brings me to the last point.

You Have To Take Action:

As I said, results won’t be just flying into you arms. You have to be willing to take action, then you have to actually take action. Nobody is going to do it for you. You can ask for support – and please, do, build a supportive community, find a buddy, join a group, read our articles, ask us questions, ask me questions – together we are stronger.

But in the end, you are the one and the only one who has the power to take action and make changes in your life. Just like with willingness, the best is to take it slowly, day by day, action by action. Drink one green juice at a time without worrying about tomorrow and you can and you will transform your life.

And remember, it is not about perfection. It is about progress. It is about subtle shifts. It is about the cumulation of little steps that will create a difference.

What are you resolutions for the new year? How can we support you? Share in the comments below. We are always happy to hear from you.


Kat Gal

Kat Gal

Kat Gál is a multi-passionate writer, world traveler, nomad, runner, and cat-person. She is a lifelong learner who lives outside of her comfort zones stretching her boundaries and discovering beauty around the world. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who encourages others to embrace their unique authentic selves, follow their heart and find their own version of freedom in life.
Kat Gal


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