This Farmer Lost His Land, Until Volunteers Chipped In To Help


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

There is power in community. That power can transcend time zones, borders and even languages.  When people come together with a common goal and unite, miracles can happen. That’s when truly anything is possible.

Medellin, Colombia is often called “The City Of Eternal Spring” and for good reason.  High in the beautiful Andes mountains, it has perfect weather all year round, beautiful parks and lush, green forests. Perfect for morning walks or the afternoon stroll with a “novio” (boyfriend or girlfriend).


More striking than the climate however, are the people. Colombians and the citizens of Medellin are some of the friendliest, most caring people you will ever meet.  Whether you’re talking with a taxi driver, a street vendor, or just a passerby, you will always be greeted with a smile and that warm, endearing Colombian accent.  

A big contributor to their happiness and wellbeing is the healthy lifestyle they are accustomed to in Medellin, especially in El Poblado. Junk food, sweets, and fast food are a rare site. Instead, street vendors are selling fresh fruits and nuts, while markets offer local veggies, beans and the best coffee in the world. The people are active too.  Joggers and cyclists frequent the many paths and trails throughout the city each day.

Outside of Medellin is an area called Santa Helena. Many hikers, campers and backpackers visit this spot to relax and be with nature. This is a rural town with extremely dense woods, lots of farmland and agriculture. This also happens to be the home of a farmer named Juan Fernando Trujillo. Many people know him as “Juan Del Bosque” or “Juan Of The Forest.”


As a child, Juan grew up visiting his grandparents farm. He took care of feeding the animals and helped plant the vegetables. He enjoyed the natural environment and working with his hands.  Juan knew from a young age that he prefered this life to city living.  

That’s why, 3 years ago, Juan took a leap of faith and moved to Santa Helena to become an Organic farmer. He rented plot of land and began building his farm.  It was very hard work and there was a lot of trial and error in the learning process, but he remained patient. He remembered having a dream when he was young. In this dream, people from all over Medellin were helping him build the organic farm. This vision kept him motivated during the difficult times.

Juan del Bosque’s unique method of sustainable farming garnered a lot of attention. Juan doesn’t use the chemicals and pesticides that big agricultural businesses use. Instead, he relies on insects and crop rotation. This is to keep his crops safe and keep the land mineralized, without poisoning the ecosystem or the food.

Soon, farmers and volunteers began visiting Juan to learn his special farming techniques and share some of their own. He had visitors came from England, Scotland, Germany, the United States and many other countries! The farm was producing enough produce to provide food for the farmers and to be sold and traded in local markets. It seemed Juan’s dream was coming true afterall.

Then one day, Juan received some bad news. The owner of the land he was renting had decided to take it back. Juan, his animals and all the crops had to leave. Juan was devastated. This dream had finally come to fruition – and now it was being slowly unraveled.

It seemed like everything was lost.  As a last ditch effort, Juan jumped online to explain the problem to his international friends.  Since he works on the farm without internet, the idea of “crowdfunding” was really new to him. He quickly set up a project on indiegogo and asked for some help.

Remarkably, little by little, the word began to spread.  The close friends and helpers he had met over the years were donating and sharing his story across the globe. Juan was amazed at how generous everyone was. As fate would have it, Juan received enough funds to buy his own plot of land! The international “family” of farmers and volunteers had come to his rescue.  


Today, Juan is working diligently on his new farm. He’s teaching locals and international travelers the importance of organic farming, without chemicals. After, they return to their communities with new knowledge and respect for nature, food, and the power of community.


If you would like to donate to Juan’s farm teaching project, or visit and experience it firsthand please visit his website or email him directly.

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