Things You Can Do To Help Your Own Health

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By Paula Scimone 

Things You Can Do To Help Your Own Health

In today’s world, medicine is the answer for everything. Heart racing? Take this pill. Can’t sleep? Take this pill. Headache? Take this pill! Twisted ankle, stubbed toe? TAKE THIS PILL!

Things, Help, Health

Growing up, if I had a headache, I was told to lay down or take a nap. If I couldn’t sleep, I was told to get more exercise. If I twisted my ankle, my mom put ice on it and elevated it.

Five years ago, I found myself at 46 years old, overweight, on 4 medications, taking a bottle of Advil every 2 weeks and faced with liver disease. It wasn’t until my gallbladder went bad and the doctor saw my damaged liver during a surgery that I finally said, “what the heck am I doing to myself?” With no treatment, it was up to me to make it happen.

Here is what I did.

1. I searched. There are a million diets out there. I gave four different diets a really good try, only to go right back to where I was at. I kept looking until I found what would work for me.

2. I cut sugar out. If it wasn’t honest to goodness real sugar, I didn’t eat it. Even then, it was very limited. I read every label. If sugar or any look alike sugars were listed, I kept looking. Did you know that there are at least 40 different names or types of sugar?!

3. I ate real food that I prepared. I mean anything not out of a box. It is so easy to get simple recipes that don’t take long to make. Make extras so you can have lunch tomorrow.

4. I got moving. Riding my bike. Walking at lunch. Speed vacuuming my house. Stretching. Do a challenge. Someone on social media is doing some sort of challenge, walking, squatting or ab challenge, just to name a few. A bunch of people getting accountable with each other is an awesome thing.

5. I detoxed. I know it’s a cliche’ word. For me, it means eating clean. No sugar, gluten, dairy, soy or processed foods of any kind. I started juicing vegetables. Everyday. I could never eat all that I juice.

6. I got help. When I started getting results, but reached a plateau, I signed on for personal coaching. With help, you can do anything. I truly believe you are not meant to go it alone. I worked with my family doctor and my liver specialist closely to achieve my goals. I continued to research and educate myself.

7. I got positive and I got real. I faced many fears head on. I work on my mental attitude and my mindset I took a long look at myself and my growing family and asked, “how long do I want to be here?” And I decided that if it’s up to me, forever. Did I want to be sick? No, not if I can help it.

I believe there is a place in the world for medicine. For sure there have been great things to happen because of it. But it has become an easy-out for so many in this fast paced world we live in. It was for me.

In 5 years, I can honestly say that I have not taken Advil, not once. I was on two high blood pressure medications, it took me just shy of 8 months to get off of both. I was on cholesterol medicine, it took me almost 10 months to get off of it. I have had perfect liver tests for 1 year. I lost 50 lbs. I was on synthetic hormone replacement therapy. I have replaced that with an all natural product.

Things, Help, Health

I didn’t get to that place of being sick over night. I gave myself time and love and found support to get me where I wanted to be. I feel great, I look better and I have a tremendous positive outlook on life. I have helped many people better themselves since I’ve been taking care of myself.

The ripple effect has been a blessing and something I am grateful for everyday. I am thankful I caught a ripple that someone else was making.

Are you ready?

Paula Scimone
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Paula Scimone

Paula Scimone is a Certified Transformation Coach with 7 years experience teaching aerobics, nautilus and creating personalized workout plans to help clients reach their fitness goals.

Paula Joined in July 2013 diagnosed with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.A serious liver disease that causes cirrhosis of the liver leading to cancerous tumors.The disease is currently untreatable with medication. The only known cure is weight loss and healthy low fat diet combined with exercise.Paula started on a mission to cure herself,in March 2014 started with small group coaching and has lost over 45 lbs! Her liver specialist saw her for a routine visit in October 2014 delivering the news of a clean bill of health!

Paula?? passion shows as she helps clients achieve their transformation goals in weight loss, mindset, and living a healthy life without medications. She is ready to work alongside you if you are ready to take the next step in achieving your transformation goals.

Paula is a certified Fitlife coach - transform with Paula
Paula Scimone
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