The Unknown Upside Of Rejection – Mindset Monday

The fear of rejection is a common concern. A lot of people are so afraid with rejection that they tend to hold back on things, simply because our mind is framed into thinking that rejection surmounts to pain.

Yet what we fail to acknowledge is the brighter side of rejection. This is when we look at the main reason why we’re afraid of it in the first place. It’s because naturally, we love affirmations. But sometimes, it clouds our thoughts. We’re too afraid of rejection that we tend to give up on other opportunities that could have brought us mileage.

A lot of the elements of social success carry with them a certain risk of rejection. Some of which are starting a conversation, hanging out with people, or expressing our opinions in casual discussions. While these things expose us to the possibility of being rejected, they also bring us closer to the possibility of successful interactions.

The fear of rejection has a lot to do with our maturity. As we grow old, we slowly learn how to deal with rejections. We gradually acknowledge our shortcomings, and we move on.

In this Mindset Monday, we will talk about the unknown upside of rejection. We will give you three insights so that you can utilise rejections for your own good.

1) Rejection = Protection

Life has its own way of teaching us things. And sometimes, they don’t come in the prettiest forms, such as rejections. But the way we deal with rejection has a bigger impact on us than the rejection itself.

On my case, I just tell myself that there’s something bigger, better and bolder opportunity that will come. Rejection protects us from the claws of complacency and challenges us to do more than what we think is enough. It protects us from settling with the least and accept life in its most solitary forms, but rather teaches us that there’s a bigger horizon out there we need to explore.

2) What Can I Learn From This?

It’s an important question. What can you really learn from this experience? I believe that rejections are perfect avenues to learn. We may get rejected from a certain aspect in our lives, but we learn to factor out what we’ve done wrong and move on from the situation.

That way, we know deeply within ourselves that if we are confronted with the same situation again, we already know how to respond effectively. And if we get rejected again, we learn again. Life is an unending cycle. It bombards us with challenges but we know we’ll make it through. If we take it wholeheartedly, we can turn rejections into inspirational experiences so that we can improve ourselves later on.

3) Have a Bigger Vision.

What’s more comforting about rejection is the idea that life does not end there. If we adopt a bigger vision, we can springboard easily from this experience to another. And when we look back, we will see these rejections as essential stepping stones to success.

Had we not been rejected, we couldn’t have worked hard enough to get our promotions in our next job? And the list goes on and on.

Have a positive attitude towards rejection. Acknowledge them as valuable moments in your life that will shape you to become the successful person you will become.

Be positive!

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