The Truth about Aspartame

AspartameBy Renee Haxby

 Twenty years ago, my neighbor lady observed me using the artificial sweetener NutraSweet, packaged as Equal. I remember her telling me back then how it turned into Formaldehyde in our body and was poisonous. Unfortunately for me, I paid little attention to her warnings and I continued to use aspartame for another twenty years.

Eventually, I switched to Splenda because it was marketed as the healthier little yellow packet.  For many years, I was so worried about gaining a few extra pounds that I chose to consume only artificially sweetened and non-fat

food options, instead of eating the real thing. I disregarded the dangers and eventually suffered the consequences.

Aspartame is used in over 6,000 products worldwide, and is consumed habitually by millions of people every day. When aspartame is digested by the human body, it is broken down into aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol. The phenylalanine is synthetically modified to carry a methyl group which provides the sweetness. Methanol causes all types of biochemical health problems in humans with many symptoms unrecognized as associated to aspartame use. This is because aspartame builds up in the frontal lobe of the brain, and is cumulative over time. We cannot metabolize or break it down enough to limit its damage.


Peroxisomes are small structures within each cell that work to detoxify methanol. Humans do not have enough of these structures to convert formaldehyde to the less harmful, formic acid. Formaldehyde is a deadly neurotoxin. Human tissues are damaged and symptoms occur that include; vision problems, dizziness, headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal disturbances, vertigo, weakness and memory lapses to name just a few.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners trigger pleasure centers in the brain, even though less pleasure is experienced by ingesting them. The reason for this is, while artificial sweeteners give immediate pleasure, they do not actually satisfy the brain because they deliver no caloric value, leaving the user wanting even more. Because there is little actual satisfaction associated with the use of artificial sweeteners, weight gain also occurs. Those who habitually use aspartame are known to gain more weight over time than those who use real sugar.


Aspartame is referred to as an “excitotoxin”, because it actually excites the neural cells to death. The chemicals and amino acids in aspartame have been known to get through the blood brain barrier and damage neurotransmitters, while decreasing serotonin levels, leading to depression and other mental disorders.

Chronic Conditions

Other chronic conditions such as; brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and diabetes are worsened by the use of aspartame. Some scientists and doctors suspect that aspartame may be responsible for the development of certain types of cancers, too.

Symptoms of Aspartame

Many symptoms of aspartame poisoning go undetected for years because they are confused with another diagnosis. If you’re curious as to whether you’re experiencing any symptoms or reactions to aspartame, just stop using it for a few weeks and see what changes occur.

I recently eliminated aspartame from my diet.

After reading new and old reports on its dangers, I was very disappointed in myself for not giving it up sooner. Over the past twenty years, I experienced several of the symptoms associated with aspartame use. I’m not sure how long it will take my body to recover from the level of toxicity it has been subjected to for so long, but I will never use aspartame again!

The government should be ashamed of itself for ever telling the public aspartame is safe for human consumption. The product should never have been put on the market to be mass produced and coined as, a “healthy calorie free alternative to sugar.”

It goes to show that when there’s money to be made, corruption is close at hand.

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I have always been athletic and competitive. In the 1970’s I was one of the first internationally recognized female bodybuilders. Over the years, my face and physique have been featured on magazine covers, numerous popular editorials and several television commercials. I have worked in the health club industry in both Seattle and Los Angeles, and also as a personal trainer for successful Seattle clients.

Education: BA in Social Sciences and a Formal Minor in Business Administration from Washington State University. I have certifications in food psychology, wellness, and life strategies from The Spencer Institute, NESTA, and the International Sports Science Association.

I own and operate PRO.Fit by Renee Haxby in the Pacific Northwest area.

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