The Surprising Benefits of a Whole Foods Cleanse


By Lindsay Christianson

A lot of people look to a whole foods cleanse at this time of year as a way to lose weight, or reset eating habits after the holidays. The truth is, there are a surprising number of other psychological and emotional benefits that accompany a cleanse, often much bigger than the food itself.

Emotional Cleansing

Cleansing symbolically guides your body and mind through the process of letting go, which is one of the reasons that doing a cleanse can be so powerful.

In your daily life, you likely spend quite a bit of time (often unknowingly) defining your situations and encounters with your emotions. There are messages that you continue to tell yourself, even from childhood, or a past traumatic situation, which over time becomes ‘your story’, maybe even defining you. As you go through your life, you begin to make decisions based on this ‘story’, often not questioning if this story is still true, or if it’s actually serving you and the person you are now.

The Story You Tell Yourself Is Often False

One of the biggest challenges for many people in losing weight is the ‘story’ associated with their eating habits.

  • Maybe you are afraid that if you begin to eat healthy, your family or group of friends will no longer accept you.
  • Maybe you are fighting the invisible monster of ‘deprivation’. You’re resistant to changes in your diet and eating habits because when you imagine eating healthy, you think, “but those people are depriving themselves of everything yummy and I don’t want that!”, without giving opportunity to the possibility that you may not even feel deprived once you’ve learned the right way to fuel and nourish yourself. Whole foods can – and should – be incredibly delicious!
  • Maybe you’re someone who masks certain emotions, or moves away from discomfort, when in reality, you simply need a different kind of ‘food’ (I call this life-food your ‘primary food’, as our relationships, exercise and general life fulfillment are key drivers in our eating habits.).

5 Cleansing Foods to Gear Up for Race Season 460Whole foods cleansing provides the ideal framework for letting go of these messages. Symbolically, as you remove foods from your diet and eventually reintroduce them back in, you are able to be intentional about only inviting back what serves you and gives you the utmost vitality. Your cells not only hold onto chemical toxicity, but also emotional toxicity, so it is imperative that as you seek to lose weight, you also seek to release these messages so that you can reach ultimate balance in your mind and your body. By eating in-tune with how your body have evolved (which is now eating a variety of unprocessed, whole foods),  you can better listen to the messages that your highly intelligent body is trying to send you.

Chances are you don’t always realize how emotionally attached you are to certain feelings and situations. As you think about the people in your life, your past stories and experiences, imagine how you can let go of what you are still holding onto and how doing so would make you feel.

An Exercise In Letting Go

Try this very simple exercise to help cleanse your emotional state and make more room for abundance and health this year.

  1. Write down what you want to release on a piece of paper.
  2. Rip it up!
  3. Share the experience with somebody who supports you and will listen with an open and loving heart.
  4. Look at yourself in the mirror and verbalize to yourself, “I am letting (whatever you’ve decided) go. It has no purpose in my life anymore. I am complete exactly as I am.” Repeat this as many times as you need to, for as many circumstances as you need to until you feel at peace with your decision… and free!
  5. Smile.

You are complete in this moment, just you are. You are unique, beautiful and lacking nothing. Take a deep breath and create the space within yourself for true freedom to emerge. Embrace the possibilities and allow your spirit to soar. You, my friend, are free.

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Lindsay Robin

Lindsay Robin

Holistic Wellness and Empowerment Coach at Lindsay Robin
As a Holistic Wellness and Empowerment Coach, Lindsay Robin empowers mamas to ditch the guilt so that they can create the life they crave AND be amazing mamas! Her own personal journey and training began with food, which led her to become a certified health coach to learn the skills for managing her daughter’s behavioral challenges. This continues to expand and grow as she uses transformational coaching techniques to guide women to their true desires and better communication with their intuition.

Lindsay loves adventure and learning new things and is passionate about travelling, making and eating healthy meals, playing with her kiddos, Scottish dancing and listening to Ted talks.She lives in Minneapolis, MN.
Lindsay Robin


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