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I woke up today and I had a choice. I knew I was going to be filming workouts at the gym, which meant I wanted to wear sweatpants because I am insecure about my skinny legs. I get afraid that people are going to judge me for how small they are.

But they I thought to myself, you know what Drew, I’m tired of being insecure! I’m tired of worrying about what other people think. So right then I decided to wear SHORTS.

The Gift Of Insecurity

In this Mindset Monday I want to talk to you about body insecurities and vulnerability.

Recently, during a leadership training I participated in here in San Diego, I was asked to tell the audience one of my biggest insecurities about my physical appearance. When I was a little kid I use to get picked on a lot because of the size of my head! It was bigger than most other kids my age so of course it became a target for bullies.

Because I got picked on about my head at such a young age it became a lasting insecurity for me. I use to think about how I wanted to make my shoulders really big and broad so that my head would look more proportionate to the rest of my body.

As I got older, I would do as many shoulder workouts as possible to overcompensate for the size of my melon head. I developed other insecurities too. I have always thought my legs were too skinny, for example, no matter how hard I work them out. I also got teased as a boy for having small nipples!

We all get caught up in our body insecurities sometimes. We focus in on them so much that they become much bigger issues in our head than they actually are in real life. I’ll bet even the most respected icons in your life have some part of themself they are insecure about.  

The problem with dwelling on our shortcomings is that it lowers our vibration and pulls our attention away from what we really want to create in our life. When we are wrapped up in negative thought patterns about what is wrong with us or constantly worrying about what other people think… we are losing time to think about what really matters in our life.

Think of it this way. Insecurity = in scarcity.  

If you want to get rid of your insecurity, you’ve got to pull yourself out of scarcity mode. The most reliable way to do this?

Start Thinking About What You Have

Every day I get up and I think, “I’m thankful for these legs. I’m thankful for the ability to run, to jump, to serve others because of my ability to walk and move around. Every step I take is an opportunity to lead someone one step further down their path of enlightenment and transformation. I’m thankful for my legs that carry me and my heart as I carry out my life purpose.

“I’m thankful for my ginormous head that is full of great ideas and ambitions and goals.

“I am thankful.”

The Challenge For YOU To Overcome Body Insecurities

I challenge you to take a moment and develop a gratitude ritual. It can be as simple as counting your blessings every night as you brush your teeth. Some people like to write things down in a journal. Maybe first thing in the morning you can grab a bead necklace and count things you’re thankful for on each bead.

Whatever works for you, do it. Make it a habit. Especially surrounding the things you are insecure about, find room for gratitude. It will absolutely change your perspective and thus your life.

Remember, we’re in this together.


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