The Power of Exercise on Your DNA


drewssexybody (3)Written By: Darlene Mars

Exercise. You know it’s good for you, but science is now proving another reason why. Through a process called epigenetics, the study of down regulating, or upregulating gene expression, you can actually change your DNA.

Here’s how it works.

Your DNA contains genes. While those inherited genes can’t be altered, the ‘methyl groups’ attached to them can. That means, that while you can’t change your genes directly, you can change how the gene expresses itself.

Down regulating genes is kind of like using a dimmer switch to reduce the amount of light in a room. In terms of the body, this epigenetic process is what affects (or dims) fat storage when you exercise.

That’s bonus number one. Bonus number two: telomeres.

Telomeres are the DNA at the end of a chromosome. There is a direct link between the length of your telomeres and the aging process. Shorter telomeres show greater possibility of immune dysfunction, while the longer telomeres indicate cellular vitality.

What is most exciting about the study of epigenetics and telomere length is that you influence them directly by healthy eating and exercise habits. So all that dedication you’ve been giving to your workouts means a whole lot more than just fitting into your skinny jeans. It means completely and powerfully impacting your healthy genes too!

“If you want to fit into your jeans, you have to fit into your genes.” – Mark Hyman, M.D.

7 Tips To Upgrade Your DNA

1. Do yoga. Studies have proven that yoga and meditation both repair DNA damage and lengthen telomeres.

2. Eat your way to a younger body. Incorporate bean sprouts and green sprouts (such as sunflower sprouts)as part of your regular diet.

3. Add some intervals to your workouts. If you run, add some sprints to your regimen. This helps increase telomere length.

4. Laugh more. Laughter is an immune booster, which protects your cells. It truly is the best medicine.

5. Come on, get happy. Studies have shown that your mood impacts your DNA directly.

6. Get a little closer. Healthy intimacy encourages an optimal state of wellbeing.

7. Sleep. DNA and cellular repair happen while you are sleeping so get those zzz’s.

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Darlene Mars
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Darlene Mars

Writer and Health Advocate at Harmony House Yoga
Writer and health advocate for over 20 years, Darlene Mars opened Harmony House Yoga in Cooper City, FL in 2001. She is recognized as a yoga teacher and as a bodyworker as well as a host for regular interactive lectures on holistic wellness. She is a personal life coach and mentor as she motivates others toward living their most awakened life.

Trained in raw food prep, Darlene enjoys creating and sharing healthy food, is an avid runner, reader, philosopher, tree hugger and zesty lifer. She resides in Davie, Florida.
Darlene Mars
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