The Best Time To Start Is Always NOW

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Written by: Kat Gal

I will start my diet on Monday. Next Monday. I will do it tomorrow. Maybe I will go on this vacation next year. Someday I will do this. I want to do run a marathon, but this is not a good time.

Sound familiar? Tomorrow, next week, someday, maybe… Dreams, hopes, wants… And excuses… It just never feels like the right time. You are not yet ready. Someday you will be ready, but not yet. Someday.

You are not alone. People around the world postpone taking action for a variety of reasons. Your excuses may sound absolutely reasonable at most times, whereas at other times they may even make you laugh at yourself.

But time is limited. It tends to be used up all too quickly – even by those who manage it extremely well. Monday becomes next Monday then this month becomes next month and then it’s next year and in the end you never end up doing anything you wished to.

Think of your own life. Heck, just simply think of last year. Can you think of any incidents when you had something important to do, but you kept postponing it even after it was too late? Can you think of any dreams or goals you had that you still haven’t done? What did you learn from these experiences? Stop for a moment and think deep. Did you actually learn something or are you just saying you did? Are you still postponing things and finding excuses?

Why? Why are you procrastinating and waiting for tomorrow or next year? You never know if tomorrow comes.

My friend, the truth is that the right time is always NOW. Now is the only time you have.

Did you know that one of the top regrets of the dying is that they haven’t lived their lives to the fullest? They did not honor half of their dreams. Many of these regrets are related to things they didn’t do.

You don’t want to end up in that state, that state of regret. Wouldn’t it be nice at the end of your life to be able to look back feeling satisfied that heck, yes, you did everything in your power to live your life, going for your dreams, taking action and really living?

What are those things that you are about to do next Monday, next month, next year, or someday in this life? Write them down. Now circle the ones you really do want – and is not there because of societal or social pressure. Is there anything you want to add to your list? Add them. Now rank these goals and dreams using the numbers 1, 2 and 3, 1 being the most urgent and 3 being least urgent, but still very important and close to your heart.

Now start taking ACTION. Create a plan with baby-steps and start doing it. Take your first step today. There is no such thing as impossible. You can do it. Do it now. Remember: NOW is always the right time.

What are your dreams and goals? What will you do today to achieve them? What will you do this week to create your dream life? Share in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

Kat Gal

Kat Gal

Kat Gál is a multi-passionate writer, world traveler, nomad, runner, and cat-person. She is a lifelong learner who lives outside of her comfort zones stretching her boundaries and discovering beauty around the world. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who encourages others to embrace their unique authentic selves, follow their heart and find their own version of freedom in life.
Kat Gal


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