The Benefits of Juicing For Healthy Skin

Written By Renee Haxby

Everybody has heard the words of wisdom that teach, “You are what you eat”. The health of our bodies is reflected in our physical and mental condition. Did you know that it’s also true that what we put into our body affects our skin? If we burden our digestive systems with a poor diet that consists mainly of processed junk foods, we will notice that our skin will suffer along with how we feel.

When we consume too many foods laden with unhealthy sugars, fats and chemical additives, we may affect the overall function of the liver. The consequences of this are poor health and a dull or inflamed complexion. Toxins are released through the skin in the form of acne blemishes and other problems which affect the skin.

Juicing has become very popular today! It’s a great way to add nutrient-rich foods to our regular diet. Juicing is also a great option for anyone who wants to cleanse toxins from their digestive systems. Fruits and vegetables are great for cleansing the system, and juicing can give you a beautiful complexion! Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. These nutrients also nourish the health of our skin.

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One way to assure that you get enough of these vital nutrients is to practice juicing on a regular daily basis. Juicing also helps to keep your skin hydrated and detoxified. Impurities can interfere with skin cell regeneration and health. Fruits and vegetables are packed full of fiber, and fiber is thought to be a key ingredient to healthy skin.

Green juices made from Kale, Lettuce, Spinach, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass have chlorophyll in them. Chlorophyll is similar to human hemoglobin, so drinking these “green juices” can help our brain’s function, strengthen our immune system, and improve the quality of our skin. Green juices also have anti-infective boosters that correct our body’s PH balance, rid the body of waste, and can purify the liver, kidneys and blood.

There are several great tasting recipes available on-line that you can try. Juicing will assure you get the nutrients you need and add health and vitality to your day, while also improving the beauty of your skin!

So, go out and get a juicer and start juicing today!

Here’s my favorite recipe for beautiful, healthy skin.

Juice Recipe #1

1 Cucumber
5 Celery Stalks
One hand full of Kale
1 Apple

Juice Recipe #2 

7 Romaine Leaves
5 Celery Stalks
1-2 Apples
Hand full of Spinach
Hand full of Parsley
Slice of Ginger
And: 1 Lemon, or a Cup of Blue berries or Raspberries 

Cucumbers can also be mashed into a poultice and applied directly to the face to reduce inflammation. Cucumbers are great for applying directly to the eyes to reduce swelling and bags around the lower eyelids.

By Renee Haxby

Final Cowboy hat photo 21 color smI have always been athletic and competitive. In the 1970’s I was one of the first internationally recognized female bodybuilders. Over the years, my face and physique have been featured on magazine covers, numerous popular editorials and several television commercials. I have worked in the health club industry in both Seattle and Los Angeles, and also as a personal trainer for successful Seattle clients.

Education: BA in Social Sciences and a Formal Minor in Business Administration from Washington State University. I have certifications in food psychology, wellness, and life strategies from The Spencer Institute, NESTA, and the International Sports Science Association.

I own and operate PRO.Fit by Renee Haxby in the Pacific Northwest area.

My business motto is “Because I’ve Gone Through it, I’ll Help You Get Through it!”

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