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Nx86xdrewssexybody-3Written by: Wendy Frisby

“When I’m trying to upgrade my diet, should I increase or decrease fruits?”

This is a common question that often comes up for people when they are striving to reach new goals with their nutrition and overall body.

Many diets that are out there restrict or eliminate fruit, mainly because of the sugar in them, while others say that fruit consumption is a vital key to dietary success.

So who is right?

Because so much of a person’s natural sugar intake comes from fruit and is typically drowned out or greatly increased by all the processed sugars in the food on the market today, it may actually be necessary to greatly restrict fruits at the beginning of a new nutrition program.

If you have been eating large amounts of sugar for years, in order to detox your body from that sugar overload, you may want to consider eliminating ALL sugars to allow your body to alkalize and reset from within. Temporarily restricting even the HEALTHY sugars (from fruit) typically provides a great amount of benefit as well.

This low carb-intake detoxification process will help to stabilize your blood sugar and improve your insulin response (the hormone that takes the excess sugar and turns it into fat).

After giving it some time, fruits can absolutely be reintroduced into your healthy lifestyle as whole foods, not juices or canned fruits (which are often loaded with added sugars).

The good thing about whole fruits is that they provide water for hydration, their fiber helps to slow the absorption sugar into your bloodstream and they make you feel full much longer. Many fruits also contain phenols, which are antioxidants that assist to protect against heart disease and cancer.

As fruits are added to your diet, you should be aware of how much sugar there is in the various fruits you eat. Even healthy food can be over-consumed!

To give you an idea, below I’ve listed some of the common fruits along with their sugar content:


With your developing knowledge of fruit and how to approach how much of them you’ll be eating, it’s important to keep a few things in mind as you move forward on your journey:

1. As you begin a new regime, you may need to eliminate fruits for a short period of time in order to reset your body’s response.

2. Fruits contain sugar in a form that is better absorbed by the body as it contains more water, fiber and phenols than table sugar, honey and other added sugars and substitutes.

3. As with any sugar-containing food, moderation is the key. Be aware of which fruits contain more sugars and stay balanced.

4. Avoid fruit juices, even 100% juice, because they lack the fiber that slows the absorption. Instead, make your own aiming for a 4:1 ration (veggies to fruit).

5. Avoid dried fruits such as dates, figs and raisins, because they contain an increased amount of sugar and are easily consumed in quantity.

6. The antioxidants, fluid and fiber in fruits make them beneficial to your diet.

Now, how do you incorporate fruits into your lifestyle?

There are so many simple options for including fruit in your daily life. I personally enjoy adding half a green apple to my green juices or tossing some blueberries into my smoothies. Just start to be aware of which fruits and how much fruit you eat and experiment a bit to see what fruit choices and methods of intake work best for you.

Then, if you’re interested or feel you need more supprt, look for a Transformation Coach with Fitlife.TV that can assist to individualize your diet and your sugar intake. You are also free to reach out right here in the comments below and get support and feedback from myself and your fellow fitlifers! After all, we are all in this together, right?

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Wendy Frisby

Wendy Frisby

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Wendy Frisby is a Hospice Nurse and a Certified Transformation Coach. She enjoys spending time helping to provide others the tools to upgrade their health and lifestyle in ways that are realistic and sustainable. Wendy is creative and loves building things for her home in addition to her devotion to her church.Wendy can be reached either at Email or Facebook.
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