Study Finds That Aged Garlic Extract Can Help With Plaque In Arteries



By Justin Cowart

According to a new study that is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Nutrition, the supplement Aged Garlic Extract can actually help to reverse the constant buildup of deadly plaque inside your arteries and even prevent the progression of heart disease.

This new research – which was conducted by a team from LA Biomed – showed a reduction in the amount of low-attenuation plaque, or “soft plaque,” within the arteries of patients who are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome who took aged garlic extract.

What exactly is metabolic syndrome?

It is the name that is used for a group of different risk factors that increase your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as stroke and diabetes. The term “metabolic” tends to refer to the biochemical processes that are involved in the body’s normal functioning.

LA BioMed lead researcher, Matthew J. Budoff, MD, says that,

“This study is another demonstration of the benefits of this supplement in reducing the accumulation of soft plaque and preventing the formation of new plaque in the arteries, which can cause heart disease.  

“We have completed four randomized studies and they have led us to conclude that Aged Garlic Extract can help slow the progression of atherosclerosis and reverse the early stages of heart disease.”

The whole study involved 55 different patients whose ages ranged from 40 to 75 years, who had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. All of the participants of the study underwent multiple screenings at the beginning of the study to measure the total coronary plaque volume as well as dense calcium, low-attenuation and non-calcified plaque.  

The screening in this part of the research was conducted by using Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography or (CCTA), a noninvasive type of imaging technology that can accurately measure the different plaque buildup and calcium deposits inside the arteries.

The participants, following evaluation, were then given either a dose of 2,400 milligrams of aged garlic extract or a placebo every day. A follow-up screening was then conducted a year after the first initial screening and the researchers were able to find that those who had taken aged garlic extract had slowed their total plaque accumulation by a whopping 80%, demonstrated regression (less plaque on follow-up) and reduced soft plaque for a low-attenuation plaque.

It truly is amazing to think that nowadays, there are so many enormous breakthroughs in our medical field that incorporate the foods that we normally eat. It makes me think that if we look harder at the food and plants in our world, we will uncover so many more different health secrets that everyone can benefit from.

Our world is already full of a plethora of natural healing herbs and other plants and it is amazing to start seeing the great medical minds of our time looking into alternatives to prescription medicines and their accompanying side effects.

We would love to hear all of your thoughts and opinions about this topic in the comments below!


Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart is a writer and researcher that loves to learn more about health, life, consciousness and making the world a better place. He loves music, traveling, meditation, video games and spending time with family and friends. He believes in baby steps and lifestyle changes in order to live a full life. In 2014, he lost around 40lbs from baby steps and emotional detoxing.
Justin Cowart


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