Stop Letting Your Life Go On Without You (Through Daily Meditation)

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Written by: Emilyn Gil

You have a busy life. Your work, your classes, your friends, your meals, your shopping.

And somewhere in there you hope there’s sleep.

But with all the to-do lists and tasks, are you really present during any of that?

A Harvard study shows that you spend 47% of your day thinking about something other than what you’re actually doing. That’s almost half your life spent completely distracted! Talk about a waste of time.

So how can you put a stop to the cycle? How do you keep the present from slipping through your fingers?


Taking time every day to really connect to yourself, your mind and the present moment can give you mental clarity and help you to take every moment head on.

Here are 5 SIMPLE STEPS to becoming truly present in your mind and in your life.

#1. Choose A Time To Meditate Every Day

Find a time you know you can commit to daily and stick to it. Whether it’s setting the alarm back a bit to meditate before the sun rises or taking a breather during the toddler’s afternoon naptime, find a time of day that you know will work with your schedule.

#2. Set A Number Of Minutes To Meditate

There’s no magic number of minutes for perfect meditation. Start with the number of minutes that’s doable for you. 10 minutes. 15. 17 and a half.

It may take some trial and error to figure out what works. If you find that your meditation makes you snooze after 10 minutes, stick to 10 minutes. If you feel that you’ve become comfortable with 20 minutes and you want to move on to 30, DO IT.

#3. Find A Place To Meditate

When just starting out, the most important thing for you is CONSISTENCY. Find a good setting for meditation where you can feel comfortable and be left undisturbed. In your bedroom. On the kitchen chair. By the oak tree in the backyard.

Keeping your meditation in the same place at the same time will help you to truly commit and make it a daily thing.

#4. Don’t Be Discouraged!

Wouldn’t it be great if everything always went as planned?

Things will happen and you’ll miss your assigned meditation time. DON’T GIVE UP! The point here is that you practice EVERY DAY. It’s better to meditate while you’re driving to pick up your son from band practice than not at all.

#5. Expand Your Meditation Skills

Once you’ve established the habit of daily meditation, you’re ready to take it to the next level. You can meditate at any time throughout the day by simply being mindful of the things going on around you.

If you’re walking, feel yourself walking; pay attention to your feet touching the ground, your legs moving, your knees bending. Focus on your breathing; your lungs expanding and releasing, the air whooshing in and slipping out.

Taking a step back to really focus on the present moment will help you really connect to yourself, to your mind and to your life. You’ll find yourself closing the gap between yourself and the things going on around you. You’ll find that calmness and clarity will start to melt away the stress of everyday tasks.

So get out there, meditate and live life in EVERY MOMENT!

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Juicing, hydration, toxin

Emilyn Gil

Emilyn Gil

Emilyn Gil is a 22 year old English Major at UVU. She started writing at age 6, and since then has won several awards including the Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key and was featured in the Kolob Canyon Review in Cedar City. Aside from the written word, her other passions include performing in the occasional musical theater production, and playing piano, guitar, and ukulele. Some of her favorite pastimes are baking, napping, and spending time with family. She likes monkeys, homemade rolls, and the color yellow. She has traveled to Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Canada, and currently resides in Orem, Utah with her husband Jorge. You can find more of her work online at or on Instagram at @emilyncan.
Emilyn Gil

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