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Welcome to 2016! I hope you had an awesome holiday season with your loved ones. I loved having my parents here from Michigan. A lot of reflection, laughter… even some tears. It was a great time and I miss them already!

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If you’re like most of us this time of year, no doubt you indulged over the holidays. (I personally have a weak spot for homemade cookies!)

And if you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I advocate juicing to reset and rebalance your body…

With all the holiday parties and social gatherings, staying on a healthy plan can be really tough.

I get it! I’ve been exactly where you may be.

But I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it. In fact, I hope you enjoyed every mindful bite and sip you took! Seriously.

LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED and if that means you indulge on occasion, so be it.

What’s important is how you recover.

Because I know that getting back on track can be pretty challenging, I wanted to give you an incredible opportunity to be supported by a community of people JUST LIKE YOU!

It’s a new year, which means…

It’s time to step into THE BEST YOU POSSIBLE.

But before I dish on the surprise we have in store for you to kick 2016 off right, I want to share with you 7 THINGS TO STOP DOING IN THE NEW YEAR IF you truly want to live your best life in radiant health.

And I KNOW that you do!

I want that for you too. I want you to dive in and become an even bigger, brighter version of yourself – the person I know you are already. Maybe that person got lost along the way – that’s okay. Because that person, the person you are striving to become – is already within YOU.

Now is your time to let yourself SHINE. In order to do that, there are some things to stop doing… but more importantly, there are also some things to focus on  implementing to get where I know you want to go in your life.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

1. Stop Dividing Your Attention


Learn to focus on the people in front of you. And the tasks you have set forth to complete each day. Multi-tasking can be great, but it can also be detrimental. Be present with each experience. The greatest gift we can give to another is our time.

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2. Stop Surrounding Yourself With People That Don’t Support You


Make a list of your biggest supporters. Send them a note letting them know how much you appreciate them and WHY. Gratitude goes a long way.

And the ones that are constantly berating your efforts? Maybe it’s time to put a little distance there. In some cases, maybe it’s time to release them from your life completely. The key here is to do this with LOVE and without GUILT. Your goal is to enable yourself to become the best version of you and when you are surrounded by a negative environment, that becomes nearly impossible.

Stop the uphill battle. Stand up for your own self-worth – that includes the kind of people you keep in your circle.

3. Stop Getting Caught In Vicious Cycles


Are you someone that constantly says you’ll “start tomorrow” then tomorrow comes and you don’t do what you said you were going to?

You’re not alone. To change these cycles FOR GOOD, you’ve got to change your mindset.

You need to dig into your WHY! WHY do you want to change this habit? What would your life be like if you took Action?

Change can be scary, but it’s also empowering. And to live life on YOUR terms the way you WANT to live it, you have to let go of the things you can’t control and learn to STOP creating and living from a place of comfort and complacency, simply because you’re unsure of the unknown.

Lean into fear. Trust yourself. These vicious cycles are not serving you any longer. And you don’t need to continue allowing them to dictate your path.

4. Stop Beating Yourself Up


Whatever happened in the past, let it go! There is nothing you can do about it anymore. I want to encourage you to accept your past, all of it. Know that every experience you have been through in your life, even the ones that hurt, were uncomfortable or caused you pain, they served a purpose.

You are where you are now because of these things and if you want to change the course of your life, you need to understand that life never happens TO you… it happens WITH and FOR you, even when you don’t understand it.

5. Stop Making Excuses


Own your story. Don’t let people put labels on you. Don’t put labels on yourself!

If you have an illness or disease – recognize that this is NOT who you are, it’s what you are dealing with. Instead of excuses, see these as challenges to overcome. I know it’s not easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

There is strength in struggle – own it! Stop making excuses for living the life of your dreams. At the end of the day, YOU are the only one who can Change your outcome. And it starts with your mindset.

6. Stop Putting Yourself Last


Declare that you are worthy – because you are!

Even if you don’t believe this now, repetition of declaration can change this. Why? Because we become what we think. Your thought patterns are powerful, my friend. What your mind believes, the Universe begins to manifest more of in your experience.

Don’t take my word for it though. Give it a try.

Each day, I want you to look in the mirror and declare, “I AM WORTHY!” Do this until it becomes your truth… then continue doing it. Because you are. So worthy.

7. Stop Living In Fear


Focus on more GOOD. Life happens. It’s not perfect. That’s the beauty in it. LET GO of these fears, the excuses, the things/people holding you back – keeping you stuck in a story that doesn’t serve you.

Learn to adopt a fearless mindset. Know that you can do, have and be whatever you desire. But you have to believe it for it to show up in your life.


1. Be Present


When you are with people, give them your full attention. Put the electronics down. Listen and HEAR them, don’t just pay lip service. Engage in meaningful conversation and let others know that you care by being still, offering a smile and connecting on a deeper level.

Practice meditation to focus on being present. It’s a great place to start and can have profound benefits.

Don’t worry if you struggle at first… when I started, it looked something like this:

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But now, it’s just become part of my routine and I love it! Each breath is a meditation. Awakened meditations are my standard these days, which is when you are in the present moment – eyes open – in meditation. It’s powerful. It takes time, but I know you can get there too.

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2. Let Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe


You’ve heard me say this a million times, but we are all MIRRORS. What you put out, comes back. Commit to your own personal growth and BE the person you WANT to attract.

This is the Fitlife Team (with a few missing) in Costa Rica. There is nobody I would rather spend these moments with. They are not only the people that I am blessed to work alongside and lead, but they are also my friends. We inspire and empower each other, which is how it should be!

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3. Let Go Of Things Not Serving You


This includes people too! If you find yourself in a situation where you just don’t feel right, for whatever reason, get out of it. Life is short and you deserve to love every minute of it. I am not saying go quit your job, responsibilities are important. But if the line of work you are in is not setting your soul on fire, dig deep and find what it is that DOES do that and then create a plan to take the steps necessary to bring that into your reality.

4. Celebrate Your Success – Even The Small Things


The smallest victories are often what create the largest impact. When you commit to just 1 small change at a time, over the course of days, weeks, months or years, these small things can turn into HUGE milestones. Nothing happens overnight, so remember to give yourself a big hug and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Life is not a race. Embrace the journey.

Even a beautiful flower had to start somewhere…

6 holiday, juicing, healthy5. Create A Plan That You Know You Can Follow


There is no reason the commit yourself to something you know is just not realistic for you. Who cares what everyone else is doing? Find what will work for YOU and your lifestyle and create your game-plan around that. THAT is how you will succeed.

6. Commit To Self-Love and Self-Care Daily


This doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair. A bubble bath… green juicewalk in nature… Whatever it is that connects you more to yourself and the world, do that each day.

7. Recognize That You Are Powerful


YOU have the power to manifest and take action towards things in your life that will move you in the direction of your desires. Because of that, the reality that you’ve created thus far CAN be changed. If you want something different, make that happen. Adopt a “whatever it takes” mentality and push Forward.

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If you’ve been following Fitlife for a while, then you know that the core of what we do focuses on Mindset. As you can see from this list, we focus in this area because no matter what aspect of your life you want to upgrade, MINDSET is the cornerstone.

Your thoughts literally dictate your life… how do you want to live?

As we embark on a New Year, it’s time to get honest.

What kind of year do you want to create?

What kind of life do you want to experience?

Are the people in your life right now the same people you see there in a month, a year… longer?

You are a beautifully bright being and you deserve so much out of this life. Let the past go… NOW is your time, my friend. Now is your time to embrace possibility and rise up to the life in front of you.

It’s all yours. All you have to do is accept these incredible gifts and commit to showing up daily – for yourself and the rest of humanity.

Now it’s time for the SURPRISE!!! Are you ready for this?

Beginning January 4th, we’ve created a 30-DAY CHALLENGE complete with awesome prizes for you to win!

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But those prizes are a secret!

Patience young grasshopper… Good things come to those who wait (and work for it!).

A hint: These exciting prizes will provide you greater opportunity to ELEVATE your health in a completely natural way that is not only attainable, but sustainable too!

The best part is that you are NOT doing this alone!

The entire Fitlife team is dedicated to doing this challenge with you – along with a ton of others in our community.

If you are ready to experience:

  • more energy
  • better moods
  • more restful sleep
  • potential weight loss
  • balanced hormones
  • vitality and strength
  • enhanced senses
  • and overall, more vibrant health… 


It’s FREE to join and as I mentioned, there are some really cool prizes for you to WIN after the 30 days are up! I promise that you are absolutely going to LOVE this experience!

Over the next 4 weeks, our focus will be MINDSET, but we are also incorporating other key components to a healthy and abundant life – the tools we teach at Fitlife and use ourselves!

Week 1 – Mindset

Week 2 – Juicing & Detox

Week 3 – Gut Health & Whole Foods

Week 4 – Inflammation & Detox

For a details of what each week entails, be sure to sign up for your COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP pass NOW!

Grab a friend and SIGN UP!

What have you got to lose?

If anything, you have a TON of amazingness to GAIN! Abundance, happiness, fulfillment, LOVE.

It’s totally FREE and you will get support, accountability and most importantly, you will be surrounded by people JUST LIKE YOU who are working hard to be the best version of themselves each day.

Get access to exclusive weekly resources such as juicing guides, workouts, workbooks and videos from me and the team! Plus super cool prizes!


If you’ve been looking for a place to start, but have been experiencing fear, lack of support, resistance or anything else holding you back…


Join me and the Fitlife team as we embark on 30-DAYS of TRANSFORMATION of the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

BONUS: When you sign up, you’ll get access to exclusive challenge coupons each week and the tools you need for transformation success!

2016 CAN BE YOUR BEST YEAR YET… and I want to help you get there!

Comment below and let me know that you are IN! I am so excited to walk side-by-side with you on this journey.

Remember, we’re in this together.

P.S. Can you guess what show this is from. Leave a comment below. ;)

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Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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