Stop Doing These 5 Things When Trying To Lose Weight


By Neal Horth

Are you constantly down on yourself for not progressing as fast as you would like? Are you being your own worst critic? Yes, these are just a start in the negative mindsets that you start to believe as truth when beginning any weight loss or fitness program.

95083857_XSHere are the 5 biggest mistakes that I teach my clients to avoid doing during their transformation. Avoiding these will put you in the right mindset and set you up for long term results and have you feeling excited about your transformation journey.

1. Stop Starting Your Day With Negative Thoughts And Feelings – This is the easiest trap to fall into doing. Before getting out of bed, you tend to start thinking of the bad things the day has to offer (i.e. going to work). Doing this already puts you into a negative state and will have you reaching for comfort foods and not sticking with your diet or fitness program.

Instead, before you get out of bed each day, think of 1 thing you’re grateful for. Doing this will shift you into the right frame of mind.

2. Don’t Listen To The Naysayers – When beginning any diet, lifestyle change or fitness program, there are always people that will offer you their opinion (for free, of course) that may not be words to encourage you in the right direction. Instead, they do the opposite and have you slipping from your original path.

Believe in yourself 100% and know that you are able to reach your goals and don’t let ANYONE tell you differently. During my transformation, I had friends and family telling me I was losing too much weight and getting too skinny, I thanked them for their feedback and continued on my way.

3. Remove The Word “TRY” From Your Vocabulary – There is simply “DO” or “DO NOT,” there is no When you use the word “try,” this is giving your subconscious mind a way out or an excuse for not doing something. How many times have you heard “at least you tried?” Avoid this to ensure that you are making yourself accountable for your own actions.

1350522522-frustrated4. Avoid Being Overwhelmed By The Big Picture – When beginning any diet or fitness program, it is easy to become sidetracked by the end result. When you don’t arrive there as fast as you would like, you fall into the trap of getting discouraged and frustrated at times.

To avoid this, I want you to build momentum on the small successes. One of my first coaches called this the millimeter approach. To do this, every time you have a small win and do something that is on track with your program, mark a small millimeter type mark on a piece of paper (yes, sounds silly, I know).

When you look at this mark now, it looks like nothing, but after doing this for a week, a month, a year, when you look at this paper, you will simply be amazed at how far you have come.

5. Never Compare Yourself To Other People – This is by far the hardest of the 5. Human beings have this tendency to measure their success by comparing themselves with others. Remember, this is your journey and not a competition with anyone. There is always going to be someone in better shape with a better butt or legs or arms.

This was the hardest one for me to get over during my transformation, because my goal was to lose any extra body fat and get the six pack I always wanted. Even though I was getting amazing results, I began comparing myself to people in magazines and I remember thinking, “I am not even close or in shape.” But when looking back at where I started, I came to realize how far I have come.

It is okay to have a goal to strive for, but NEVER compare yourself to anyone. Remember, this is your journey, not theirs.

These are strategies that I still incorporate into my daily life and actively work to get my clients to follow with great success! Now that you are aware of these mindset traps, you will become more conscious of them and never let them get in your way again.

With your newfound awareness, which one on the list are you falling for the most? Mine is number 5 without a doubt! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!

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Neal Horth

Neal Horth

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Neal Horth has been involved in Personal Wellness for over 20 years. When he reached his thirties, he noticed some radical changes in every aspect of my life.After finding, he is now in the best shape of his life - physically, mentally and spiritually. He decided to join the movement and dedicate his life to helping others achieve their personal wellness goals and live their best life, in their best body.
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