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When we think of “Spring Cleaning,” we normally think about cleaning out our closets. As a Holistic Health Coach, I like to also focus on cleaning out our minds and I do this by practicing The Art of LETTING GO.

As humans, we are ATTACHED to, well, just about everything. We are attached to the past, the future, to people, to things, to ideas, beliefs, even outcomes. And it is these attachments that ultimately lead to our suffering. Why? Because when we are SO attached to something…

We energetically close ourselves off to other opportunities and beauty in our lives.

I want you to take a moment and close both of your fists really tight… Now imagine everything you have ever wanted is floating in the air right in front of you. You want to grab it, to receive it, but how can you when your fists are closed so tightly?

You see, when we are attached, we physically, mentally and emotionally close ourselves off to our limitless potential and all that the world has in store for us. We are playing small.

Now slowly, release your hands… Let. Go. Feel the tension and suffocating energy release and embrace the newly open energy you’ve created. Allow yourself to be ready to receive what the universe throws your way. There is purpose in each circumstance, whether you understand it in the moment or not.

Here are two steps to truly LET GO and LIVE with purpose right now:

#1: Identify your Attachments

Take a stroll through all areas of your life and determine what keeps you stuck; what is holding you back from creating your ideal life? Perhaps an old idea or belief that is no longer serving you… Perhaps you are in a relationship with someone that is constantly bringing down your vibe…

Make a list of everything that comes to mind, without judgement.


Below are 5 exercises I like to use with my clients. These are incredible ways to release limiting beliefs and raise your vibration to GET what you want out of life.

1. Guided Meditation or Visualization

With this method, close your eyes, bring your focus within and visualize you letting go of your grip and energetically releasing everything on your list from your body. You can put a color on it, you can give it a name. Focus all of your energy into this vision you have created in your mind, take a deep breath in and release it with a LONG sigh and feel the weight that has been lifted.

Do this as many times as you need to feel at peace… lighter.

2. Fire Burning Release Ceremony

Write out all of the things you want to release on a piece of paper – the names of the people, past situations, that thought that is crippling you out of your magnificence. Hold the paper in both hands, close your eyes and focus your attention on releasing all of the negative energy into this piece of paper and then slowly place it in the fire. Watch the fire burn away your past hurt, your resentments, your attachments and evaporate into the air.

3. Water Release Ceremony

This is a very similar process to the fire burning ceremony. You will find an object that floats – a flower, a leaf, biodegradable paper, a message in a bottle. You will either write or energetically place all that you want to release into the object. Close the eyes, focus all of your attention on releasing the energy, and then Let. It. Go. See all of your pain float away into mother nature, into the universe and again, connect with how you feel.

4. Release Through Writing

Releasing attachments with our words is another powerful way to get rid of that which no longer serves us – especially when we are holding on to anger or resentment toward another person. So think of someone in your life with whom you have conflict. Someone that you have not forgiven. Someone who has wronged you. Perhaps this person is yourself. Then write a letter to them – by hand, on a piece of paper. Release them with your words. Forgive them with your words. Release the power they have over you. 

Through writing, try to find compassion and speak from your heart, not from your head. Let. Them. Go. Then you get to decide if you actually want to deliver the letter to them, but it is not required. The power is in the writing, in releasing your feelings and emotions through your words, not necessarily in the giving.  

5. Let Go With Your Breath

Your breath is your life force. It is your prana, your energy, your existence. Our breath is SO incredibly powerful and something that we ALL have access to, but we often forget to use it. For the purposes of releasing and letting go, here is what you can do…

Set a timer for a minimum of 5 minutes to begin. Get into a comfortable seated position, spine tall, crown of the head reaching toward the sky and take a deep breath in through the nose, then release it with a long sigh.

Repeat that one more time, then find a natural, steady pace of breath in and out through the nose. Now bring your awareness to the things on your list that you want to let go of and put a purpose to your breath.

On the inhale, focus on all that you want to bring into your life. Love, confidence, passion, happiness… and on the exhale, focus on all that you want to release. Fear, doubt, a person’s name.

Inhale peace and exhale chaos. Inhale an open mind and exhale a closed mind. Inhale freedom and exhale fear.

You may pick 1 thing per session or release multiple things at a time.

I encourage all of you to practice some “spring cleaning” and let go of the things or people in your experience that are keeping you stagnant, stuck. You’ll be amazed at how freeing it feels.

Pick one of the methods that resonates with you and start releasing today! Our minds are such powerful forces and once we make the decision to release these attachments, we open up space for more love, light and abundance in our lives. Namaste.

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Shanna Mota

Shanna Mota is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher and the founder of Live Love Detox. She works on healing the body from the inside out. Most people do not realize how amazing their bodies are designed to feel and it is her goal to help you experience this using nutrition and yoga as the foundation.

Shanna focuses on group detox programs, educating her clients on how to nourish their bodies with nutrient dense foods, meal preparation techniques, simple healthy recipes and positive mindset exercises, for a full mind and body cleanse.

She is excited to contribute her expertise and knowledge to the Fitlife movement and inspire healthy change to the community.
Shanna Mota
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-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health

Glenn was in an accident with a hockey puck that made it so his mouth had to be wired shut! While he was going through recovery he found that Organifi Protein sustained him in a healthy way where he was able to maintain his muscle mass while still be able to loose weight.

-Tragedy Turns to Opportunity, Weightloss and Holistic Health
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