Skincare Superstars You Want To Know

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Skincare Superstars You Want To Know

Written by: Lilla Bessenyei

I’m very passionate about skincare. It’s not only because beautiful skin in essential for an impressive appearance, but also because your skin is your largest protective organ. You have to take care of it just like the rest of your body.

I’ll mention some ingredients you may never have heard of. It’s okay though, life is about learning. Check these out and keep an eye out for them when searching for the best cosmetics and skin-boosting foods.

1. Urea

I’ve been suffering from dry skin for all my life. The cold and the wind can dry out your hands and face in no time and I haven’t talked about washing your hands too often with conventional soaps.

Let me share with you a horror story that happened to me this New Year’s Eve. My cousin and I visited several restaurants and places. I washed my hands regularly. After a few hours, the skin on my hand started to hurt. It was so bad that even some wounds appeared.

Sodium-lauryl-sulfate is an anionic surfactant, which is present in almost every commercial soap, shower gel and shampoo. It removes oils and it can even dissolve the top layer of the skin (thus why you should use natural soaps).

Thankfully, urea is one of the best things for extremely dry skin. Your skin naturally contains this chemical and 7% of your skin’s natural moisturizing factors is urea.

Unfortunately, this reduces as you age. When you hydrate your skin you increase its water content, but it will slowly evaporate if there’s nothing, which can keep it there. Urea locks moisture into your skin and many people consider it as a holy grail of skin care.

It also works as a mild exfoliant and will give you a nice glow.

2. MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane)

Did you know that sulfur is super important for preserving your youthfulness? Your body NEEDS this stuff for various reasons:

  • Crucial for collagen
  • Glutathione synthesis requires sulfur
  • Helps with the detoxification
  • Plays a role in vitamin B1’s production and due to this, your metabolism strengthens
  • Promotes oxygen transport between cells and therefore, cell regeneration 

Methylsulfonylmethane is a molecule that contains sulfur. It has been used for a long time to improve conditions like osteoarthritis. It’s one of the strongest anti-inflammatory supplements. Before MSM became a human drug, it was successful at accelerating recovery after races in horses and dogs.

Let’s stick to the skin care topic: MSM is great for scarring. It is able to boost collagen production and it may repair scar tissue, stretch marks and sagging skin.

In addition, due to its glutathione enhancing abilities, it protects you and your skin from free radicals.

It is present in cosmetic products and there are natural food sources as well. Some of these are tomatoes, swiss chard, beer, alfalfa sprouts, corn, apples, raspberries, whole grains and legumes.

The winter is around the corner. If you want to keep your skin healthy and moisturized, be sure to find a safe, natural cosmetic product that contains urea and eat more sulfur-rich foods to beat wrinkles.

Do you already know of a good cosmetic you’d like to recommend? Please share with us in the comments below!


Lilla Bessenyei, Pharm.D.
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Lilla Bessenyei, Pharm.D.

Lilla Bessenyei is a pharmacist and writer. It has been through her own experience that she realized that health and happiness start with what you put in your body and mind - including your thoughts. She is an avid researchers and has learned a lot about health and medicine. In her studies, she found that cultivating healthy emotions were just as important (if not more so) as a healthy diet. She is a fitness junkie, enjoys the numerous benefits of a vegan diet and enjoys helping people discover true health and happiness.
Lilla Bessenyei, Pharm.D.
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