Singing The Blues: Mood Boosting Benefits Of Singing


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Written by: Jill Smart

Do you ever find yourself singing in the shower? Maybe you are one of those people who sings in the car with the windows rolled up tight so that no one hears you. Or perhaps you are that person who frequents Karaoke night at the local bar and can’t get enough of singing until the early hours of dawn.

Whatever your method of singing is, if you are singing at all, your brain is reaping the benefits.

“But I can’t carry a tune…,” you might say.

It’s okay if you can’t carry a tune, because it is not about how well you sing, it is about the act of singing. Singing has a calming yet energizing effect on people – something that scientists are still trying to explain. But the evidence is there and you might be surprised at just what the simple act of singing can do for you.

Singing: Better Than Sex?

For some people, singing could certainly be compared to sex. During sex, you release endorphins, which are hormones that give you that sensation and feeling of pleasure. When you sing, your body also releases endorphins that are similar to those that are released when you consume chocolate, bringing on a calm, relaxed, yet energized state.

Singing: Gets Your Workout In

One big benefit of singing that not many even consider is that, when you are singing, you are actually expending calories rather than consuming them and getting the same effect.

Singing actually burns 136 calories per hour. While that is not going to make a huge impact on your weekly weigh-in, it brings other benefits along with it. The process of singing requires you to take in deep breaths in order to generate the sounds. As you take in these deep breaths and release them, you are actually working your diaphragm muscle, intercostal and abdominal muscles, causing your circulatory process to be enhanced. This act of oxygenating your body actually helps to relax your muscles.

Singing: Clears Out The Pipes

When you sing you are actually utilizing your throat and vocal chords to generate the sounds that are produced. This process of moving air through your respiratory passages actually creates an additional benefit that you may not be aware of…

As you move the airflow from your lungs and out through your throat, there is a constant airflow created. This continuous airflow actually causes a cleansing in the respiratory passages and the sinuses. Imagine being able to cut back on that Neti pot usage just by starting to carry a tune!

Singing: A Newfound Passion

Singing has the power to create happiness through creativity and self expression. As you find your power with singing – even if your tune is not perfect – you will start to see such benefits in your life like reduced cortisol levels, because singing naturally reduces stress levels.  

When you sing with others, you begin to form friendships and relationships that contribute to a sense of community. This builds self-esteem, self-confidence and helps to decrease depression, loneliness and anxiety.

So, next time you are having one of those stressful days, just break out into your favorite song or gravitate to the local karaoke night and sing until your heart is content and watch your mood improve!

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Jill Smart

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Jill Smart RN, BSN is a Certified Transformation Coach, with over 21 years of nursing experience. She is also a former Jazzercise Instructor.

Jill joined in October 2013 after a significant weight gain from a knee injury. She began Fitlife Small Group Coaching program in February 2014 and to date has lost over 80 pounds! Her passion for helping people allows her to assist clients who are ready to transform their nutritional and mindset habits.

Jill believes it is her mission to contribute to a greater cause and you will find her leading by example. If you are looking for someone that wants to help by making the most impact possible, you can connect with her.
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