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Written by: Justin Cowart

Your mind is a complex computer constantly taking in data from your senses and storing it in your long term memory. Whether you are conscious of it or not, this process is a 24/7 job. Your subconscious ability to take in and store data is an automatic process that you don’t have a whole lot of control over.

However, when it comes time to remember simple things such as what color someone was wearing or a phone number you just read, your mind becomes hazy and you are unsure of the truth of what just happened.

This is where the conscious mind uses short term memory recall to quickly pull up data that happened recently and hasn’t yet been coded into deep mind storage.

While sleeping and many other memory tricks can help improve long term memory, researchers have pinpointed the key factor in sharpening your mind and increasing your short term memory.

Short Term Memory Skill Is All About Focus

A new study that was conducted by researchers at Simon Fraser University has shown that differences in an individual’s working memory capacity really do correlate with his/her brain’s ability to actively ignore any type of distraction.

The researchers utilized EEG technology to assist them in determining how ‘high-capacity’ individuals are able to suppress distractions, while ‘low-capacity’ individuals are completely unable to suppress them in time to stop them from taking their attention.

Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, John McDonald, says that,

Distraction is a leading cause of injury and death in driving and other high-stake environments and has been associated with attentional deficits, so these results have important implications.”

This study is the first of its kind to relate these specific visual-search mechanisms to memory and be able to show just how a suppression mechanism is absent in the individuals with low memory capacity.

How To IMPROVE Your Mental Focus

There are 2 main ways that can help you sharpen your mind and improve your short term memory while also supporting and boosting our main trick discussed at the end of this article.

1. Eating Brain-Boosting Food – Give your brain the support it needs by feeding it right. When you eat healthy food, those items literally become part of your next generation of cells. Make sure your mind’s made up of the best foods. Here is an awesome list of 10 brain boosting foods to help you out.

2. Avoid Heavy Metals – Studies have shown us that one of the quickest ways that you can slow your brain function down and hinder your ability to function at optimal capacity is through toxins in the body such a heavy metals. Try this trick to help remove them from your body.

Now that you have given your body the support it needs, try this quick and easy trick for 20 minutes a day in order to improve your focus and memory.

Focus-Boosting Meditation

The world of meditation is just starting to be uncovered by researchers and scientists. Using this ancient technique, you can literally rewire the neurons in your brain, making it easier for you to focus and act instead of react to the world around you.

One of the most powerful and basic meditations is all about your breath. If you can train your mind to quietly observe the feeling of air coming in and out of our nose for 20 min each day, you may start to notice a big difference in your ability to focus on the massive amounts of data coming your way.

1. Sit in a quiet place that is free of most/all distractions.

2. Close your eyes (do not do this if meditating while driving).

3. Breathe only through your nose and keep your mouth closed.

4. Observe your natural breath (do not try to change this breath, just observe how it is).

5. Stay focused on the feeling of your breath inside of your nose for as long as you can. If your mind wanders, just bring it back as quickly as you can and resume your practice. This will get easier over time.

This type of meditation has worked so well in my life. Even doing it for a few minutes here and there when I realize that my mind is wandering has helped me to be able to hyper-focus on just about any activity that I am engaged in, whether it is work or play.

Keeping in practice with this type of meditation (or mindfulness practice) can help you to stay present enough and focused enough to the point it may actually save your life one day and even help you avoid a car crash, because your focus will be top-notch!

What tasks have helped you to maintain and sharpen your focus? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart

Justin Cowart is a writer and researcher that loves to learn more about health, life, consciousness and making the world a better place. He loves music, traveling, meditation, video games and spending time with family and friends. He believes in baby steps and lifestyle changes in order to live a full life. In 2014, he lost around 40lbs from baby steps and emotional detoxing.
Justin Cowart


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