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drewssexybody (3)Do you struggle with making healthy food choices a priority? If so, you could likely benefit from a food mindset shift! (Mindset = a fixed mental attitude.)

Our food mindset largely impacts our food choices. Having an awareness of our mindset around food is a great way to explore our relationship with food and discover what is driving our food choices.

If you gave your mindset (a fixed mental attitude) around food a voice, what would it say?

An unhealthy food mindset may say…

  • I have a love/hate relationship with food.
  • Food is the enemy.
  • All food makes me fat.
  • Food is a source of struggle.
  • I live to eat.
  • Food is my greatest source of pleasure.
  • Food is my reward.
  • Food controls me.
  • Food is my solution to stress.
  • Eating healthy is boring and unsatisfying.
  • When it comes to food, more is better.
  • I have to deny myself the food I love.
  • I try to eat healthy, but I can’t stick to it.


Do any of these ring true for you?  Maybe you have one of your own that has come up. If so, you CAN transform your unhealthy food mindset into a healthy one in a few simple steps.

Our relationship with food will largely impact our food choices.

Make the choice right now to clear out any unhealthy food mindsets you may have.

Now find a new healthy mindset from the list below or create your own.

A healthy food mindset may say….

  • Food is fuel for my body.
  • Choosing healthy, nourishing foods shows the respect I have for my body.
  • Eating healthy foods, in the right amounts, provides my body with what it needs to thrive.
  • Food fuels my life purpose and gifts.
  • Eating healthy is an expression of self-love.
  • Healthy food gives me lasting vibrant energy.
  • Eating healthy is part of my lifestyle.
  • I honor my body by choosing foods that make me feel my best.
  • Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.
  • Food is medicine.
  • Healthy food is both nutritious and delicious.


Choose at least one of these (or write your own) that empowers you to make health a priority and practice it daily and often.

How to shift your food mindset:

1. Grab a journal or piece of paper.

2. Get real and look within. Do you have a food mindset operating that is not serving you? Do some journaling about what drives your food choices. Explore one of the unhealthy food mindsets that feels true to you.

3. Make the choice to shift your food mindset.

4. Create a new healthy food mindset and write it down. Choose one from the list or create your own. Make it personal. Make it something that addresses your WHY.

Expand on the following.

Why do you want vibrant health?

What will having great health and endless energy do for you… your loved ones… the world?

Connect to your true self. Align your new mindset with all of your desires, your dreams, and your purpose.

5. Reflect: how did going through this exercise make you feel? What were your “aha” moments? What have you committed to moving forward?

6. Write out your new mindset and post it somewhere (such as on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, at your desk, or in your car) as a reminder. 

7. Practice, practice, practice!

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Faith Shevlin

Faith Shevlin

Registered Dietitian, Holistic Wellness Counselor and EFT Tapping Coach at Faith Shevlin
Faith Shevlin is a registered dietitian, holistic wellness counselor and EFT Tapping Coach. Her own health journey is what led to her passion for holistic health and personal growth. With each client, she looks at how all areas of life are connected; nutrition, lifestyle, emotions, belief systems, relationships and purpose. By combining her expertise in nutrition and health, with EFT tapping and life coaching, Faith guides her clients through their own transformational journeys. She finds incredible joy in inspiring others to take control of their own health and well-being so that they can live life in full expression of who they really are.
Faith Shevlin

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