Secrets From A Doctor – How To Get Knocked Up – Saturday Strategy

Secrets From A Doctor – How To Get Knocked Up – Saturday Strategy

We are in an epidemic.

Pregnancy rates are going down. The ability for women to conceive is getting harder and harder. Most likely, you or someone you know has felt this struggle.  

According to the CDC, 1.5 million women in the U.S. have been diagnosed as infertile. In 25% of couples trying to conceive, the male partner has infertility issues. That’s over a million women and couples who are dreaming of having a family of their own, but because of one issue or another have been unable to become pregnant.  

The struggle is real, and the journey is a painful and emotional one for a lot of couples.

So today, I’ve joined with one of my incredible friends, Dr. Katherine Zagone, to find some answers to this challenge that is affecting so many of us every single day.

The Secret To Getting Knocked Up

Are you ready to get knocked up?!

As women wait longer to have babies, and with all the environmental issues we have going on, more and more couples are finding it a struggle to try and conceive.

A lot of couples also find it difficult to talk openly about the fertility issues they are having. The heartache and agony that comes when they are unable to get pregnant is all too real.  

There are some key strategies to get pregnant easier and to make sure you have the healthiest baby possible. Remember, when it comes to getting pregnant we don’t just think about the ability to conceive but the ability to have a healthy, strong, superhero baby!

Key Strategies To Successful, Healthy Pregnancies

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Note: the information here applies to both women AND men. A baby is 50% mom and 50% dad, after all! So to create a healthy child, we need to optimize the quality of both the eggs and the sperm.

#1 Adaptogens

Adaptogens are herbs that help the body to adapt to stress – or the imbalance of something in the body. Stress and anxiety have been linked to infertility and stand in the way of a lot of couples trying to get pregnant. Our modern lifestyle is so busy and go-go-go that our body’s are sitting in a near constant state of stress. One of the most effective ways to deal with this (besides taking on less commitments in our life!) is by filling our diet with adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is one of my favorites and has been researched for it’s ability to help with fertility problems. In India it is one of the most popular “hot plants” and is considered the best-of-the-best when it comes to increasing fertility rates, improving libido, improving impotence issues and rebuilding sexual vitality.

For this reason and many more, ashwagandha is one of the main ingredients in Organifi Green juice.

#2 Pound The Antioxidants

secrets, conceive, antioxidant

One concern with aging is egg and sperm quality. Less than optimal lifestyle, diet and environment take a toll on our overall antioxidant levels. Interestingly, one of the first places in our body that suffers as this happens in our reproductive system.

Biologically, because we don’t NEED to reproduce in order to LIVE, our body starts to shut that area down when we are exposed to prolonged dietary and lifestyle stress. So increasing your antioxidant intake can really have a big impact in reversing this shut-down and replenishing our body’s natural stores!

When you fill your diet with antioxidants, you are creating better eggs and sperm, and in turn enabling your body to create a healthy baby. In fact, I believe that by increasing your antioxidants you can REVERSE the biological clock and prolong your ability to conceive.

It takes 120 days for your diet choices to start affecting your eggs and sperm, so you really need to make a healthy diet and lifestyle choice and not just a temporary fix.

#3 Regulating Blood Sugar

Having blood sugar spikes and irregularities can throw off key hormones that are vital to proper reproductive function. Studies have found that blood sugar issues can also decrease the quality of your eggs and sperm.

One of the best ways to balance blood sugar is by eating mostly foods that won’t cause dramatic changes in blood sugar levels, like high-fiber foods and whole vegetables, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, protein etc. Also when you juice, sticking mostly to leafy greens and vegetables and using as little fruit as possible.

Exercise is also a scientifically proven way to help balance blood sugar and maintain optimum health. I would recommend interval training.

Here’s to a future filled with healthy, strong babies and beautiful families!

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Dr. Katherine Zagone
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Dr. Katherine Zagone

Dr. Katherine Zagone combines the mind of a doctor and the heart of a healer to serve couples and women in their journey to conceive their healthiest baby and build the family of their dreams.
Dr. Zagone graduated top of her class from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she completed internships in natural fertility and preconception.

She assisted in the training of the next generation of naturopathic doctors at Bastyr University California. She also authors content for Orb Health, and supports patient care at Shine Natural Medicine. As an elite guest lecturer, she has spoken at UCSD and throughout the community on topics including hormones and gut health.

As a belly dancer and champion for feminine power, she embodies the fertile goddess and helps her female clients access their own embodiment to promote fertility.
Every visit with Dr. Zagone is a healing experience in itself.
Dr. Katherine Zagone
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