Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient – Saturday Strategy


Remove Brown Spots With This Simple Ingredient – Saturday Strategy

Everybody’s got them.

Old and young, middle-aged, men, women… these are little brown spots you can find on just about anyone who spends time out in the sun.

Some cultures may consider them beautiful, and they can be! But they can also be seen as a sign of aging… and who wants that?!

I’m talking about AGE SPOTS.


What Are Age Spots?


You might also know these as LIVER SPOTS or freckles.

Age spots are little brown spots on the skin that are caused by lots of exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. You see them most in people who are over 50, but virtually anyone who spends time outside can get them on their skin.

Cheap tanning beds are also a culprit when it comes to age spots.

What happens is this…

When sunlight or ultraviolet light from a tanning bed hits your skin, the rays speed up the production of a little thing called MELANIN.

Melanin is actually pretty cool. It is what causes a TANNING effect on our skin.

Did you know getting tan is actually the body’s way of PROTECTING our deeper layers of skin from sun damage?

Getting a good tan will do more for you than increase your confidence and give you a sunny glow… it acts like a shield of armor against the sun from harming your skin!


Back to age spots…

When certain areas of your skin see the sun A LOT… like your arms, hands, neck, face, shoulders… these areas also develop high concentrations of melanin. So when the summer tan fades or over years of spending long days at the beach, these little brown spots will hang around as momentos.

The most most common questions I hear about age spots are:

  • Are age spots dangerous?
  • How can I get rid of them? 

Let’s tackle both these questions right now.

Are Age Spots Dangerous?


Normally, age spots are completely harmless. However, there are a FEW things you should watch for that could signify a problem that isn’t just skin deep.

Visit your doctor if you notice an age spot that is:

  • Much darker than your other ones
  • Growing quickly
  • Has a funky looking border
  • Is a mixture of many different colors
  • Is itchy, red, tender or bleeding 

Here is an infographic to help you detect spots that might be dangerous:


How Can I Get Rid Of Unwanted Age Spots?


Dr Doug Willen, author of Quantum Paleo, created a solution for removing age spots… and it uses just TWO simple ingredients you’ve likely already got in your kitchen!

Number one is ONION JUICE.

Of course this caught my attention – juice baby!

And you heard me right. Onion juice! Turns out onions have a lot more to offer us than just flavoring soup or burgers!

Studies have found the onion extract helps to improve scarring on the skin and reduce skin lesions.

Onions have antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals and encourage healing on the outer layers of our skin.

The second ingredient is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

We talk about this stuff a lot around here.

ACV contains alpha hydroxy acids that help to remove dead skin. When you remove the dead skin from the top that contain the majority of an age spot, you reveal the healthy skin underneath.

New studies have found that treatment with these acids from ACV may improve skin that has been damaged by the sun.

Now here is how the age-spot removal remedy works:

  1. Dice up a fresh onion and put the contents in a baggie. Use some sort of heavy object to pulverize it.
  2. Pour the onion into a blender along with ½ cup of apple cider vinegar.
  3. Blend.
  4. Use a cotton ball or cloth to apply the remedy to your age spots once a day.
  5. Continue for at least 2-4 weeks or until you see improvement. 

Now this remedy might not be an overnight fix, but it is extremely effective!

Sounds weird, right? And I know… the idea of walking around smelling like onions and vinegar? Not exactly appealing. To my single friends out there, don’t worry. This won’t detract your mate from finding you. Just be sure you wash off well before your hot date!

I wanna hear from you – give this a try and let me know how it goes! Keep in mind that everybody’s skin – like each of our body’s – is different. But if you’re sick of dealing with age spots, it’s worth a shot.


Drew Canole

Drew Canole

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