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Nx86xdrewssexybody-3Written by: Wendy Frisby

When you are trying to lose weight, that little scale can be very stressful. But you must remember that the scale is just a tool; it’s only there to tell you if you are going in the right direction or not.

The question most everyone wonders when they start a weight loss program though is, how often should I weigh myself? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never?”

Your weight varies constantly for reasons other than just diet. The biggest variation is caused by bodily fluid fluctuations – maybe you’re retaining water or it’s been awhile since your last BM, or perhaps you are bloating, experiencing menstrual cycle variations, etc. These variations can make a difference of 2-4lbs.

Your weight really is just a number, but it can be wildly inaccurate over a short period of time and, depending on how often you step on that scale, it can completely throw you off track.

To avoid becoming devastated by fluctuated, inaccurate weigh-ins, here is my advice to you:

Weigh yourself only once a week. And, at the same time, take measurements (at the very least your waist measurement). That way, instead of dwelling on the scale weight, you can pay attention to how your clothes fit, what your endurance level is and make perceptual observations.

In my experience and that of my clients, if you weigh yourself too often, you won’t see a change or may get upset, because you gained from the fluid amount that day. On the other side, if you weigh yourself less frequently, you may not notice that you have gained a few pounds from liquid.

Remember, the scale does NOT define you!

Weight can be lost quickly or slowly, which causes frustration when the scale doesn’t manifest your desired progress. Instead of dwelling on the numbers, concentrate more on eating healthy whole foods, exercising and drinking plenty of fluids. Keep your mind on your daily progress and successes and know that every healthy decision you make is another monumental step towards your goal of health, fitness and vitality.

From here on out, I challenge you to:

1. Weigh yourself at the same time and day every week and record your results, not daily or anytime greater than a week in order to get a number that shows true variations

2. When you weigh yourself, jot down your waist measurement too. Along with the scale number, how is your body actually changing?

3. Write down observations about your energy level, sleep quality, mood, hunger and cravings the past week as well. Being aware of these changes for better or for worse will give you an insight of whether your dietary changes are improving your lifestyle or if changes need to be made.

4. Find a Transformation Coach with Fitlife.TV to assist with making adjustments to your dietary changes and improving your lifestyle

5. Leave me a note below on how the scale may have been a stumbling block for you or assisted you with your lifestyle changes. I guarantee that you are NOT alone either way.

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Wendy Frisby

Wendy Frisby

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Wendy Frisby is a Hospice Nurse and a Certified Transformation Coach. She enjoys spending time helping to provide others the tools to upgrade their health and lifestyle in ways that are realistic and sustainable. Wendy is creative and loves building things for her home in addition to her devotion to her church.Wendy can be reached either at Email or Facebook.
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