Parsley Repels Harmful Insects and Attracts Beneficial Ones in Your garden

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Planting herbs and vegetables that compliment each other together  is what we call companion planting.  Native Americans also used companion planting before the Europeans arrived with the “three sisters” technique of planting corn, beans and squash together.

When paired correctly, herbs can repel insects that would otherwise destroy the nearby plant.  Additionally, herbs can be used to provide food for the beneficial insects that you want to live in the garden.

Easily one of the most beneficial plants for any type of garden is going to be parsley. Despite being a healthy food source this plant actually does much more for the garden than it will do for your nutrition.

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One of the most unique qualities of parsley is that it actually attracts predator bugs, which may sound scary until you realize that these bugs are actually predators to other bugs. So when a caterpillar comes crawling its way toward your crop you will have a praying mantis or some type of other bug there to stop it.

Beetles do not like  parsley leaves, thus sprinkling your crops with parsley leaves will help repel harmful insects.  If you let your parsley flower and go to seed, it will attract predatory wasps and hoverflies that will kill caterpillars and other garden predators.

However by growing the parsley and letting it flower, the scent will attract predator wasps that will keep away any type of caterpillars. Tomato plants especially are going to enjoy the company of parsley, not just because they are loner plants that don’t have lots of friends but because those wasps that parsley attracts are going to be killing off tomato horn worms.

Tomatoes especially like being planted near parsley, as the herb attracts wasps that kill the tomato hornworm. Parsley planted near rose bushes will actually make your roses more fragrant.

Article Source: Living Traditionally, Natural News

Image Credit: Herb Garden Designs

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