Organic Juice: 7 Reasons WHY You Should Drink It

Written by: Kat Gal

Juices are delicious, there is no doubt about that. But organic juice is not only better for your body, but usually tastes better too.

If you are doing a juice cleanse, organic is the only way to go to best avoid pesticides and other harmful chemicals and to maximize your nutrient intake. If you make your own juice, aim to choose organic ingredients. If you are getting your juice from a store, select organic pressed juice.

But why am I pressing you to drink organic juice? Read on to find out why.

7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Organic Juice

#1. Organic Juice Contains More Antioxidants

The lack of antioxidants in your diet can lead to greater risk of disease, including cancer and vision loss. Antioxidants, such as vitamins A and C, manganese and beta-carotene fight free radicals that can otherwise lead to health issues. Organic foods and organic juices have more antioxidants and protect your body more effectively.

#2. Organic Juice Is Higher In Nutrients

Organic foods tend to be higher in magnesium, iron and vitamin C. Using these ingredients to make organic juice can give your body more nutrients than non-organic juices.

#3. Organic Juice Contains Few To No Pesticides

Non-organic foods, hence non-organic juices, are filled with pesticides and chemicals that are linked to countless conditions, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Organic foods and organic juices are made without pesticides, giving you a better chance for health and healing.

#4. Organic Juice Contains No To Few Additives

To get the organic stamp on a food or product, farms and companies have to go through major regulations and inspections, making sure that there are no additives, fortifying agents and processing aids found in any of the products. Drinking organic juice can keep you safe from these disease causing substances.

#5. Organic Juice Is Better for the Environment

Organic farming practices are better for the environment, because they improve the soil and conserve water, not to mention they don’t add chemicals to the environment. Choosing organic ingredients for your juice can make you a green-warrior.

#6. Organic Juice Doesn’t Contain GMOs

GMOs are not natural and you don’t want them in your body potentially causing damage to your cells and disease to your body. Choose GMO-free organic juices instead.

#7. Organic Juice Is More Fresh

Organic ingredients tend to not contain preservatives. Non-organic juices at your local store may have a shelf life of weeks or months due to preservatives and other additives. However, organic pressed juices are made without preservatives and have a shorter shelf-life of a few days. If you make your own organic juice, it is the best to drink it right away or the same day.

Are you convinced yet that there is nothing better than a fresh organic juice? Want to try some? Try this recipe. I promise you, this is the best organic juice EVER.

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Organic Green Juice Recipe
  • ½ organic green apple
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 organic cucumber
  • 3 stalks of organic celery
  • 1 handful of organic kale
  • 1 handful of organic spinach
  1. Run everything through your juicer and enjoy this simple organic green juice.

If you are wondering what the best organic fruit juice is, I have to say, it is always good old orange juice. Juicing only fruits is usually not the best, because without the fiber it can lead to elevated blood sugar and cause sugar crashes. However, if you leave the pulp in your orange juice, it is similar to eating an orange with all the fiber still there.

What is your favorite organic juice? Share in the comments below. We would love to learn some new juice recipes.

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Kat Gal

Kat Gal

Kat Gál is a multi-passionate writer, world traveler, nomad, runner, and cat-person. She is a lifelong learner who lives outside of her comfort zones stretching her boundaries and discovering beauty around the world. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who encourages others to embrace their unique authentic selves, follow their heart and find their own version of freedom in life.
Kat Gal


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