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Written by: Kirsten Cowart

You travel for many different reasons. Sometimes you head out to experience a foreign culture, other times you are just visiting family. Athletes and researchers also travel as part of their work.  

If you forget to prepare for a trip, you may end up at a fast food restaurant and later with a stomach ache. If you are in a foreign country, then you might end up drinking water that is unsafe and getting sick.  

Feeling sick or nauseated during travel can be miserable, which is why we compiled a list of tricks to help you prepare for your trip and ensure that you maintain your health while on your adventure. Especially if you have never been to a certain areas of the world before, it is important to find out the answers to these questions.

Before Traveling:

1. Do some research about the area you are traveling to. Keep an eye out for food locations. Are there affordable, healthy restaurants or markets near your location? Can you reach them on foot or will you need transportation?

2. Evaluate the food customs for the area you will be traveling to. If you are traveling to a foreign country, it is important to know if food is only available during certain times of the day.

3. Check with customs to see if there are restrictions on the foods that you can bring to the country or state you are visiting. If you can bring food, then pack dried fruits, seeds and nuts as they will help give you the vitamins and nutrients you need.

4. Bring a probiotic. If you are traveling to a new area and are going to be eating different types of food for the first time, it is important to keep your gut healthy so that you can digest the new foods. If there will be yogurt available where you are going, you can pick some up once you arrive. If not, then you can typically get a probiotic in pill form.

5. If you are going to a foreign area, look up common types of food that will be found at the local markets so that you know if cooking will be an option.

6. It may also be smart to see if your room will include a fridge for food storage or kitchenette for your cooking needs.

Common Risks Of Foreign Food:

1. Check out and see if tap water is safe and healthy to drink or if you will need to buy bottled drinks.  

2. Believe it or not, it may not be safe to drink straight out of a bottle or can in some countries. Look for good resources and reviews online or talk to a well-traveled friend before you leave.

3. It is important to know if it is safe to eat salads or fruit without peeling them since health standards are different everywhere you go. Generally, if the tap water is unsafe, then the fruit will need to be peeled and washed before consuming.

4. If you eat dairy, meat or eggs, make sure you understand the risks for that specific country.

Once You Arrive:

1. Water – If you are traveling by plane, you will not be able to bring a filled water container through security. However, you can bring a water bottle and then fill it up once you are waiting for your flight.  

It is important to stay hydrated and find good sources of water while you travel so you can keep yourself healthy. To double check that you are properly hydrated, make sure that you have a pale yellow or clear urine output.

2. Sync yourself with the local eating times – If that is hard, then have light snacks between meals to help reset your body’s clock.  

3. Set some time aside to visit the local market to get healthy snacks to keep with you around the clock. If it’s available, get a little ginger root in case you start to feel nauseous or have digestion issues on your trip. Ginger was a lifesaver for my family when we went to Mexico.

4. If your room does have a fridge, get some plain organic yogurt to help keep your gut’s bacteria healthy.  Or carry Biotic Balance with you!

If you take the proper steps for your travel, you should be able to keep a healthy gut while still enjoying the local foods. If you are in a familiar culture, then supplementing your eating with foods from your local market will help you maintain the eating patterns you had at home. This will also help prevent the issues that come from consuming fast food. These extra steps will help you have a much more pleasant experience.

What are your tricks for staying healthy while you travel? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.


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Kirsten Campbell

Kirsten Cowart is a writer and researcher that has worked in the spiritual, mental health and medical fields.Kirsten enjoys studying and experiencing the benefits of yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbalism, organic gardening and alternative health.She worked hard in 2014 losing over 40 lbs. and has since maintained a healthy lifestyle.Follow her to learn more about her journey on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube!
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