Nourish Your Skin With Juice

Juice Recipes For Skin Renewal

By Shakaia Francois

 As I made juice one day, I pondered about what I could do with all the juice pulp left over from making juice.

Juice For Clean Skin

Juice For Clean Skin

As I age I am concerned with my skin looking and feeling its best, just like the rest of my body. I thought about the little bottle of facial serum that I had recently purchased and its claim of being loaded with vitamin C for my skin. I realized that this juice pulp right here in front of me is loaded with vitamin C, plus a whole array of other vitamins and minerals that are great for my skin. Instead of throwing this precious bowl of valuable nutrients away, I decided to nourish my skin. I made an impromptu facial that left my face refreshed, invigorated and supple.


After doing some research, I discovered that the wonders of doing a veggie facial did not begin with me. People have been using fruits and vegetables in facials since the beginning of time and are currently in demand at high-end spas!


I now do facials twice a week, using the pulp from my juicing with added ingredients such as honey or yogurt. Afterwards my skin feels so hydrated, well moisturized, alive and nourished. I am able to relax to another dimension and start over with renewed fresh skin to greet the day.


Here are some common needs for the following skin types:


Oily skin needs more vitamin C that reduces sebum (oil). Vegetables and fruits that are more acidic usually contain a lot of Vit. C.

Ex. Tomatoes, lemon, orange, parsley.


Added Ingredients:

Honey/royal jelly: smoothes and heals

Yogurt: protein, exfoliate (amino acids are strengthening)

Egg: tonify, protein, close pores



Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants (which protect the skin from harm), alpha hydroxy acids (exfoliate dead skin cells) and loads of vitamins and minerals that soften tone and nourish. All of these nutrients help to brighten the skin, alleviate inflammation and puffiness, remove age spots, dark circles, nourish dry skin and wrinkles, and reduce sebum in oily skin. They promote healthy, moisturized skin that radiates life.

Allergies: Always check to see if you are allergic and do a patch test first.


What you will need: Veggie pulp (Always use organic veggies and fruit), cucumber slices for your eyes, any added ingredients (Real Honey, organic yogurt, organic egg), bowl, towel, water and moisturizer. 


I Challenge yourself to indulge in this relaxing, nurturing and simple 15 min. ritual. For men and women, put on some music, light some candles and create a spa atmosphere to de-stress, relax and tone your skin.

Leave a comment below and let us know at FitLife how you take care of your skin? 


Shakaia Francois
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