New Alzheimer’s Treatment Restores Memory Function


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Written by: Kat Gal

I have an awesome memory.

I like to think of it as a sort of super power.

I am not joking. It is sometimes embarrassing. I remember way too many stories from my childhood and I will remember stories that you tell me better than you ever will. If you tell me something today, chances are I will remember many years from now – and I do mean 20, 30, 40 or more years from now.

The idea of losing my memory scares me. Alzheimer’s scares me. Seeing my grandma’s best friend suffering from it was heart-breaking.

This is why I am so excited about this incredible research that Australian researchers conducted recently.

What they have created is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques, which are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

Alzheimer’s disease usually takes place because of two types of lesions – amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles – being built up in the brain.

Amyloid plaques are located between the neurons and turn into a dense clusters of beta-amyloid molecules, which can be described as a sticky type of protein that forms plaques by being glued together.

Neurofibrillary tangles are located inside of brain neurons. Due to defective proteins, they turn into a clumped up mass triggering microtubules (tiny filaments) to get twisted, disrupting the transportation of essential nutrients and organelles.

Considering that nearly 44 million people are dealing with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, this research is powerful. Finding an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia is still an ongoing process with no life-changing discoveries so far, but with research successes such as this, there is hope in the horizon.

Researchers are not giving up on their work and most believe that effective treatment has to involve removing the build-up of defective beta-amyloid and tau proteins in the patient’s brain.

Removing these harmful plaques in the safest way possible is absolutely crucial to ensure healing and the continued health of patients. The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland is stressing the importance of the safety and efficiency of the process.

Their new technique is using a particular ultrasound called focused therapeutic ultrasound. These sound waves move so fast and gently that they are able to open the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain against bacteria without harm.

You can check out this short video on that below.

Their job is to stimulate the brain’s microglial cells activating the waste-removal cells, called Microglia. Through this process, it is possible to clear out the toxic beta-amyloid clumps that are responsible for the harshest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

To explain this complicated scientific process the simplest way possible, therapeutic ultrasound is helping the body to heal itself.

So far, the technique has been tested on mice with 75% success and absolutely no damage to surrounding brain tissue. The mice were tested completing 3 types of memory activities: recognizing new objects, remembering places to avoid and maze running. They showed improvement in all of these areas.

The potential to treat Alzheimer’s without any drugs is incredible. Right now, it is only in the beginning stages testing mice, but if it happens, it will be a true scientific breakthrough that can change the lives of so many Alzheimer’s patients.

Remember, keeping your body healthy is important to reduce your risk of all diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Green juice is not a guarantee of a dementia-free life, but it is one of the best things you can do to keep your body and mind healthy and energetic at the moment.

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Fascinating, right? What do you think? Do you know anyone with Alzheimer’s? Do you have any tips to help the lives of friends and family dealing with this disease? Are you aware of any other cool research? Share below.


organifi web22

Kat Gal

Kat Gal

Kat Gál is a multi-passionate writer, world traveler, nomad, runner, and cat-person. She is a lifelong learner who lives outside of her comfort zones stretching her boundaries and discovering beauty around the world. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach who encourages others to embrace their unique authentic selves, follow their heart and find their own version of freedom in life.
Kat Gal


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