Myrrh Essential Oil: The Cancer Treatment We Need



Written by: Brandi Monasco

Myrrh Essential Oil: The Cancer Treatment We Need

Besides frankincense and gold, myrrh was the third gift from the wise men to the baby Jesus in the story of the Nativity. Having an amazing variety of properties has earned it its numerous mentions in the Bible. The usage of the oil dates back centuries when it was utilized as a spice and as a home remedy. To this day, the oil is still being used in countless ways.

It has powerful anti-oxidant properties, which means it removes harmful cancer causing chemicals from the body, giving it a remarkable potential in the battle against cancer.

What Is Myrrh Oil?

Myrrh is a sap-like substance (or a resin as it is more commonly called) obtained from a tree called Commiphora Myrrha. The knotted and gnarled appearance of the tree with its pearly white flowers sets it apart. The tree yields the oil in the form of oozing sap when its trunk is cut; the sap trickles down the bark, giving off the appearance of a crying tree. Once the sap is collected, the resins are heated together to a specific temperature, producing the rich essential oil via the steam.

Myrrh is known for its smoky and sweet, yet slightly bitter smell. The oil has been used as an ingredient in perfumes. However, it’s the anti-cancer properties that interest us.

Cancer Fighting Properties Of Myrrh

A study in 2011 proved that Myrrh was able to reduce the cells in 8 different types of cancer. Quite a huge number! Further research has also shown the chemicals in myrrh that were actually responsible for this feat. Sesquiterpenes and terpenes, which are classes of chemical compounds, have been associated with cancer cell-killing properties. Myrrh contains an abundance of these compounds, which gives it its effectiveness against cancer.

Other studies claim that the power of myrrh is actually a hundred times less than standard chemotherapy, which has disastrous effects on normal human cells. Myrrh, on the other hand, is free from these side effects, being of moderate strength, which is unlikely to cause any harm to the body.

Developments for the future of this oil becoming an option for cancer treatment is underway. The oil has proved its effectiveness against cancers relating to the female genetics, most notably breast cancer. Skin cancers have also seen improvement when aided with this oil. The time is not far when the oil will be available in the form of oral medicine as an alternative to traditional chemotherapy.

Additional Uses Of Myrrh

Besides having anti-cancer uses, myrrh oil is also beneficial for respiratory problems, stomach aches and ulcers, mouth cavities and bacteria and can even help people with low thyroid. The most common mode of application is through your breath. Sprayed in the air or instilled into the humidifier, it can also be massaged onto the skin directly. The purpose is to allow entry of the oil into the body, enabling you to benefit from it.

All and all, it is difficult to gather the entire spectrum of uses to do justice to myrrh oil. All we can say is that it certainly has proved its worth as a gift. A very valuable gift, indeed.

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