My 7 Step Morning Ritual – Mindset Monday

What if you can change your attitude to be a better version of yourself? What if you can transform into someone that will be closer to your goals in life?

You are in control. You are the master of your own story. And you can definitely rewrite it by starting with small beginnings.

“How you start your day is how you start your life”. It’s because mornings are representation of new beginnings. We can choose to start a positive day. We can smile to the brightness of the sun and be optimistic. We can radiate good vibes, clean our thoughts and make right choices.

This is why morning rituals are very important because they have an effect on how we act for the rest of our day. For me, starting my morning ritual the night before is a key element to a productive day.

Here is my 7-step morning ritual:

Step 1: Be Thankful

I love making a gratitude list everyday, whether it is on my mind or it’s in the beads of the rosary. There’s so much to be thankful about life. Even the mere fact of waking up and having another chance to correct our mistakes is a big blessing that we need to be thankful for every single day.

When we have gratitude, we are living in our present. We are not living in the past and we’re not living in the future either. We’re just right in the moment being thankful about the blessings that we are graced with. And this a good energy that we could radiate to people that we should be thankful of.

Step 2: Figure Out 3 Tasks That Are Really Important the Next Day

Prioritization is key element of success. And when we prioritise right, we weed out unnecessary loads that kill our time. So try to factor out 3 tasks that you want to be completed before noon of the next day. Write it down in a sheet of paper or leave a sticky note in your computer so you won’t forget.

Imagine, if you could finish these three tasks before noon of the following day, how much easier will the remaining tasks be if you know that you’ve already completed the bigger chunk of your workload? Plus, according to studies, the brain works really fast and sharp during the morning compared to the rest of the hours of the day.

Step 3: Day Scripting

Being the scriptwriter of your life, tap on the power of your subconscious mind to be able to unlock possibilities. Start writing down in a journal the things that you want to become the next day. Maybe it has something to do with your attitude towards work, or behaviour towards relationships. Whatever it is, write it down and let your subconscious process what your thoughts and heart dictate.

“When you sleep, your subconscious mind begin to process what you’ve done before you go to bed.“ And when you apply this, slowly your imaginations will turn into a reality. You can change the things that you are in control of.

Step 4: Drink Water

Never underestimate the value of sating hydrated throughout the day. Water provides us with energy and if we don’t have enough water in our system, our bodies tend to react negatively and lowers our energy to do things. Remember that energy is essential before we can do the things that we want to do for the day. And if we want to accomplish them, water is an essential element to integrate during our mornings. It’s a fresh way to supply ourselves with an energy boost that will keep us sharp all throughout.

Step 5: Exercise. Go to the Gym

While many people think that exercising is tiring, a right exercise is a necessity and ideally should be done during the morning. Exercise allows us to get rid of our body toxins by sweating. It also allows our joints and muscles to stretch out, preparing us for whatever activities we’re set to do.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or park for a short jog, do some simple exercises at home. It’s a key element to a productive start that will mark an active life.

Step 6: Meditation and Appreciation

Meditation has been popular these days precisely because of its indisputable healing powers. When we meditate, we reassess our life situations. We step back from all the toxins in this world. And then we start unlocking the realities of our lives and feel the inner energy inside us.

Write down the things that you appreciate. Be appreciative of the things around you regardless of how small they are. It’s through the little things that we achieve greater mile stones.

Step 7: Learn

What are you interested of? Where should you shift your attention to? Personal development. It’s one of the things that you should never forget to integrate in your morning ritual.

Whether you want to travel, paint, play piano, write – get a book and give yourself 10-20 minutes to read about anything for your self-development. Shift your attention into improving the current version of you and be the best of what you are doing. Constantly updating yourself with the current trends and skills will prepare you for bigger challenges and give you an advantage that you’ll surely reap in the end.

Follow these morning rituals and be the better version of yourself. Do this for straight 21 days and witness the change that’s happening in you.

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