Massaging this acupuncture point could boost your immune system

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Juicing, hydration, toxin

Massaging this acupuncture point could boost your immune system

Many books have been written about the acupuncture point ST36 (Zu San Li).  Chinese soldiers used to stop every three miles and massage Stomach 36 for renewed energy. Zu San Li is one of the most popular  points  of all acupuncture points. The point controls the work of the organs that are located in the lower half of the body and the work of the spinal cord in the parts that are responsible for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, digestion tract, genital organs, kidneys, adrenal glands.

Zu San Li translates as “leg three distances.” Zu San Li is very easy to locate. It is located on the outer calf, about four finger widths under the knee bone.

By massaging the Zu Sen Li point regularly, you can significantly boost your immune function and normalize your blood pressure, glucose and insulin.  It can help with a lot of  other health problems such as abdominal Pain, Allergies, Asthma, Borborygmus, Chest Pain,  Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Fever, Hypertension, Knee Disorders, Leg Pain, Mastitis, Pancreatitis, Reproductive System Disorders, Seizures, Ulcer Gastric,  Vomiting.

According to a few extensive studies, stimulation of Zu San Li (ST36) has been shown to affect the limbic and paralimbic systems in the brain[2] which may affect the body’s response to stress

How to do it:

Massage the Zu San Li point in the morning 9 times in a circular motion in a clockwise direction on each leg (9 times on one and nine times on the other leg). Do this for 10 minutes. When applying acupressure, try to relax and breath deeply as you massage the area. 

Juicing, hydration, toxin

Source: Living Traditionally

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