Learning To Lean Into Anxiety


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Written by: Tina Haen

You know the feeling when your heart pounds a few beats faster, when you just can’t seem to breathe easy, when you feel trapped by impending doom – those gnawing knots that have been lurking in your stomach for God knows how long (yeah, those are the worst). Then, it all seems to slip away for a little while, just long enough to be tamed, only to surface and return with a crippling vengeance. Ouch.

“Oh hi, anxiety… there you are.”

Although we have our own triggers for anxiety, it haunts us all in different ways and at different magnitudes. Now, I’m not implying that this reaction or feeling should be avoided, but rather, I’m suggesting how to gain, explore and practice a new, refreshing perspective towards it.

Anxiety is an instinctive reaction to fear, threats, judgement, obstacles, people, chaos, the unknown and most often… our very own thoughts. There’s no way around those gems, but the beauty of all this is the ability YOU have to address, evaluate and dismiss the (over)reactions you may be habitually allowing yourself to engage in.

Practice makes perfect, right? So, if you have always reacted to stress in the same manner, guess what? It may eventually become the only way you will be able to deal with it.

Enough with everything you already know. Let’s glide into what I like to call the “Greet and Guide” solution!

Here’s How You Can Lean Into Anxiety and Allow It To Work FOR You!

(Greet) |verb| – to address with expression of kind wishes upon meeting or arrival.

Upon coming across a stressful situation, you will first and foremost always react, but with immediate action, you can acknowledge or greet the situation. Those extra seconds or moments to buffer some consciousness in there can really play to your advantage.

You may be upset at first, however, you can experience that emotion and then chose to escort that energy/reaction into a decision/solution. It’s always a case by case basis and, of course, the severity of each issue can range from 2 to 200, but how do you perceive and react? How long are you going to let it consume or distract you? That is where anxiety thrives.

Anxiety entangles you when you mull over the incident/culprit over and over. You become more upset, agitated and impatient. You’re going to find yourself in some snares, but don’t stay there. It takes a whole lot more effort to put out a forest fire than it does a tiki torch.

(Guide) |verb| – to direct or have an influence on the course of action (of someone or something).

You guessed it. The destination of where you go with this is up to YOU.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Believe it or not, this rings true. Try it. Weaving gratitude into every situation is incredibly hard, but it can soon become a way of living. Take control of what you can, but remember that you can’t apply that mentality to whatever else life throws at you.

Lacing even the ugliest of situations with gratitude is almost like soothing the burn. Damn, it hurts, but it helps take the edge off. In fact, you’re treating the stressor like an injury and the moment it happens, take a look at it – just as you would a wound – and do what you can to mend it as best you can.

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Tina Haen

Tina Haen

Tina is a social, fun-loving, free-spirited soul who incorporates her passion for healthy living and balance into her daily life. She aspires to share this gift with those around her in an effort to leave others feeling better than when she first connected with them. She believes that taking time to dedicate to yourself is paramount in gaining health and happiness. Meditation, nutrition and holistic approaches have helped her combat troublesome ailments in the past, something that she is eager to share with the world!
Tina Haen

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