Key Things You Need To Know When Changing Your Life


By Kimmi Sterner

Since I am smack dab in the middle of beginning a brand new life in a brand new place, I’ve become extremely aware of what it takes to successfully handle a big life transition.

A life transition doesn’t just have to be moving to a new place and starting a new job though. Your transition could also mean getting married, changing your diet, having a child or starting school.

No matter what life is throwing at you right now, here are a few ways to come out on the other side with confidence and relief.

1. Take Action Before Action Takes You

If there are certain things that you know you want to be involved with or things you know you’ll eventually need help with, plan ahead.

When you start your transition without planning, you’re pretty much asking for life to throw whatever it wants at you. You’ll end up having to strongly rely on the “one day at a time” mantra, simply because you have not set any kind of direction for yourself.

For example, I am a fitness instructor and I strongly regret not reaching out to the gyms in my area before moving out here to let them know I was interested in teaching. Since auditions are only held every once in awhile, I’m still waiting to start teaching more classes. Group Fitness is a huge part of my life and not being able to teach as much makes it more difficult to transition and make Los Angeles feel like home.

2. Set New Goals As Soon As Possible

Life is going to seem very out of control at times. It is important that you provide yourself with things that you do have control over. The pursuit of goals is empowering.

Find something to focus on, such as a new fitness routine or reading one new book per week. When you feel like you cannot get a handle on certain aspects of your life, it is helpful to have something you can confidently focus on.

3. Know Your Why

urlBefore you make any kind of decision in life, you must always know WHY you are making that change.

This is crucial when it comes to a life transition. There will be times when you are lonely, because all of your friends are hanging out on a Saturday and you’re across the country. Or maybe you’re out with your friends and everyone’s sipping on their favorite cocktail and you can’t, because you’re trying to start a family.

In those times where you want to scream “Why me?!” or feel bad for yourself, it is essential that you remind yourself why you are in the situation and be grateful for the opportunity.

I miss my friends and family more than ever. I just keep reminding myself that I came to LA to take a chance and pursue numerous opportunities. Some have already come my way! That reminder does not always make the heartache go away, but it does instill a more positive outlook.

4. Seek Out And Attend Meetups

Knowing you’re not the only one in your situation is a very freeing feeling. Meetups are an awesome way to connect with people who are similar to you in their interests and lifestyles.

If you’re getting ready to have a child, there’s a meetup for that. Moving to a new area and want to go hiking? There’s a meetup for that. Interested in finding a meetup? Well, there’s an app for that. You can find new things to do and people to meet right from your phone by downloading the Meetup app.

I’m not saying transitions are easy. In fact, I am the first to admit how hard they are since I definitely have not yet mastered the art of life transitions. But I am learning how to make them easier and you will too!

If you have found any other strategies to make transitions feel less like an earthquake and more like a speed bump, let us know! Change is a beautiful thing. Embracing change can be difficult, but with the right advice and support, you will learn that change makes you stronger and usually brings you closer to your goals.lleader_34 (1)

Kimmi Sterner

Kimmi Sterner

Blogger at Kimmi Sterner
Kimmi Sterner is a 20-something newbie to Los Angeles and is currently working as a Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at UCLA, with years of teaching group fitness classes under her belt. A recent graduate with herMaster’s in Health Promotion from University of Mississippi, Kimmi is eager to provide knowledge, resources and inspiration to others, which fuels her fire and gives her purpose in life. She’s already making an impact on the world and through her words, she’s excited to expand her reach to help even more people here at Fitlife!
Kimmi Sterner


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